Vanessa Tirok

What Fall 2020 Taught Me

I think I can speak for the majority of the Rutgers student body when I say that Fall 2020 is not how we wished for it to be. I don’t know anyone who’s had an easy time this semester, and if you are having an easy time, you’re probably failing one of your classes and … Continue reading What Fall 2020 Taught Me

How to Deal with Screen Fatigue

With everything being online, screen fatigue has become inevitable. The horrendous amount of time that I spend hunched over a laptop has caused my eyes to become dryer, my migraines to become stronger, and my posture to become weaker. Maybe I’m just not built for a screen-heavy lifestyle, or maybe this way of life is … Continue reading How to Deal with Screen Fatigue

Vanessa Tirok

Hey everyone! I’m Vanessa Tirok, a sophomore majoring in Journalism and Media Studies, with minors in French and Creative Writing. I’m a new writer for the Honors Program blog, and I also just joined the HP this year as a sophomore, so this is all still pretty new to me!
I also write for the Rutgers Review, I’m the treasurer of Adventist Students for Christ, and I’m part of 90.3 The Core’s promo team. When I’m not writing or occupied with school stuff, I like to make music, cry while watching movies, read the New Yorker, and watch a lot of stand-up comedy:)

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