Books You Should Read!

Hi everyone! Summer is around in the corner. I thought that it would be a good idea to list some books to read during the summer. 1. The Alienist by Caleb Carr I recently finished The Alienist. I highly suggest everyone to read it. It is set during the Gilded Age in New York. If you are a lover of psychological thrillers and history, then … Continue reading Books You Should Read!

Tips for Medical School Interviews

Hi everyone! Happy new year! I hope your winter break went stupendously. I am currently applying to medical schools and going to interviews, so I thought I could share some tips that I have gleaned from these experiences for those of who might be thinking of going into the medical field. Even if you are not, some of these tips will surely help you with … Continue reading Tips for Medical School Interviews

Must-Read Final Exam Tips

Hey everyone! Fall 2018 semester is finally coming to an end. I feel like it flew by so fast! You know what that (unfortunately) means: finals are approaching. I thought I would share with you some tips for the dreadful exams. Before the Exam Go to the review sessions. I know this may sound a little “no-duh”, but trust me there are many of you … Continue reading Must-Read Final Exam Tips

So What Now?

Could the summer progress any faster? Although I’m glad that I have some time left to enjoy it, there is really no other question that lurks at the back of my mind other than how I am going to spend it. Up until very recently, the answer was easy, with the MCATs buzzing around my head like bees around the most nectar-filled flower. Now that … Continue reading So What Now?

The Best Medical School Info Session Ever!

Hi everyone! I hope midterms are not killing you yet! Last week I attended an amazing information session that Mr. Sobol hosted on applying to medical schools. Now, honestly, I have attended a couple of information sessions before that HPO and other organizations hosted, and I found these sessions were repetitive and cursory. However, this one was very detailed and much more insightful! I would … Continue reading The Best Medical School Info Session Ever!

Pre-Med, The Fair Side

Many of you are likely familiar with the infamous rigor of the pre-med track here at Rutgers. With neurobiology, biochemistry, anatomy, and the dreaded organic chemistry, there is no telling how people manage to survive these dreaded encounters. On top of that, med schools expect to see other activities outside that involve experience in the clinical field, including shadowing, volunteering, building houses in Africa, which … Continue reading Pre-Med, The Fair Side

Y U No premed?!

I’ve had many, many long discussions with myself and my fellow friends about this, and I’ve had a lot of overwhelming support from an innumerable amount of people for switching away from being premed. So many people liked my status when I said it was the best decision that I had ever made that it almost made tears come to my eyes. And people also asked … Continue reading Y U No premed?!