Nehee Patel

3 Ways to Keep Cool During Midterms

It’s well-known that there are four seasons in New Jersey: fall, winter, spring, and summer. However, there’s also another season that arrives twice a year and only lasts around one to two weeks each time. This is known as midterms. With big exams, papers, and mid-semester projects all being due and assigned at similar times, … Continue reading 3 Ways to Keep Cool During Midterms

Making Fashion Sustainable

We live in a fast-paced world where innovation, production, and creativity don’t seem to take any breaks. We’re also in a climate and sustainability crisis, for which we should all try to do our part to help lessen the ecological footprint we leave. The fashion industry, although seemingly inconspicuous at first, actually has a huge … Continue reading Making Fashion Sustainable

How to Fact-Check

In a time that’s propagated with streams of divergent claims, it’s essential to be able to verify what’s true and what’s not. Statements can take many forms. They can be classified as holding truth, opinion, or as the infamous saying goes, fake news. The rise of freelance reporting and social media has been met with … Continue reading How to Fact-Check

Using Your Vote as a Voice

The first time I voted, I remember getting stuck in the polling booth because I couldn’t remember which way I came in. To say the least, it was quite embarrassing. After the initial embarrassment wore off though, I remember feeling satisfied with myself. Satisfied that I had fulfilled my civic duty at the moment, and … Continue reading Using Your Vote as a Voice

Nehee Patel

Hi everyone, my name’s Nehee and I’m currently a sophomore on track to major in public policy. I love coffee, jogs, day trips, and of course writing. This is my first year as a blogger, so I’m super excited to share my work with everyone!

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