A Strange Summer Night

I want to tell you all a story that happened to me this past summer. You might laugh at me, but it’s ok. I’m also laughing at myself when I look back and reflect on this event. I hope you enjoy.

I believe this was around 11 pm on a weekday sometime during July. My household members are just about to fall asleep, after watching some TV or browsing the web on their phones. I myself try not to engage in those activities at night because it prevents me from falling asleep properly (read up on blue light from digital devices and its effect on melatonin levels and sleep patterns).  I’m literally just about to fall asleep when I suddenly start hearing a loud humming. I honestly thought I was dreaming about this buzz and therefore “hearing” it. But the sound continued.

Ok so at this point I know I am not dreaming. I figure it must be the AC unit or the 10-year old fridge my family just won’t throw away. But it’s too loud. Now I’m up and awake. What in the world could this be? I get out off bed and try to listen if the noise is coming from inside the house. Nope. Ok, I figure it must be a late night motorcycle driver or something outside. I open the curtains and start looking. And that’s when I see it. I’m not sure what it is honestly (keep in mind I’m still a bit drowsy). But here’s what I see. There is an object in the sky which is making that loud buzz. It is flying in place, aka not moving. The object has circular lighted windows, like 4 or 5 of them across the entire thing. I honestly have never seen such a thing in my life. While I’m rubbing my eyes and staring outside, I realize what it is. IT IS A UFO!!!

At this point, my adrenaline is rushing and I am running frantically inside my house calling my family members. I was on the border of feeling excited and anxious honestly. I mean, who wouldn’t be?! The chance to see a real-life alien spaceship is just exhilarating, especially if you used to watch Area 51 and alien documentaries on BBC when you were young all the time. Now, all my family members are glued to the window looking outside. And that’s when my mom ruins the moment. “Saad, that’s a rescue helicopter!” Ohhh.

That makes more sense. It does look like one now that I think about it. My mom later told me after checking Facebook that there was a lost child or something in my area and hence the rescue chopper (though I’m not exactly sure what the situation really was). Within 10 minutes, the helicopter flies off and everyone goes back to sleep, only after ridiculing me for my silly thoughts.

Looking back to that night, I laugh thinking why a UFO was my first thought. I’m not saying that aliens don’t exist (that’s a whole other issue we can talk about haha), but I think I could have had a more logical and reasonable explanation for what I saw. I guess I might have thought that due to a combination of many things, including sleepiness, too much BBC and Nat Geo while growing up, and definitely watching ET (1982) over a hundred times. But for one moment honestly I can tell you all, I truly believed in extraterrestrial life that night.


School is Almost Here!!

I know summer is almost over. Long sunny days (actually mostly rainy days) are almost over. Time to get ready for shorter and colder months. And with the end of this summer, it’s time to go back to school! While a lot of you might be sad, I am actually really excited to come back to Rutgers University in a few weeks. As many of you know, this will be my last year at Rutgers. And more importantly, I know a lot of incoming freshmen are even more pumped up to start college at one of the best places in the country.

So let’s talk about some things many of us need to remember and what new students should know very much as well:

  1. Involvement Fair. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! This is the one-stop-place where you can learn and join so many different clubs, fraternities, sororities, and other organizations at Rutgers University. I have attended this every year, not just to manage my own organization haha, but because I love to learn about the different missions I could potentially contribute to at Rutgers. Freshmen: PLEASE COME! Clubs are the best way to connect with people and gain so many unique experiences at college. You do not want to miss this!
  2. Dorms. So as you know, I am a commuter so I don’t have too many tips on this. But I have learned many things since I have many friends who do live on campus. Firstly and most importantly, make preparations ASAP! Clothes, shoes, personal items, supplies, etc. Don’t try to pack more; try to pack smart. Dorm rooms, for the most part, aren’t huge so you can’t bring your entire room from home haha. Another very important thing is to develop confidence as well as a sense of openness. I’m going to be honest. As a commuter, one of the BIGGEST drawbacks is the inability to meet new people and connect with others in places other than in classes, lounges, clubs, and a few other places. As a dormer, keep your doors open, both literally and mentally. Meet new people and make new friends. Trust me, the beginning of school is the best time where people want to meet others and connect.
  3. Commuting. If you’re commuting, don’t worry, you can enjoy college as well! First of all, make sure to buy your parking permits on time. Busch and College Ave sell out really fast!! Also, try to make your schedule work with your commute in mind. You do not want to have an 8 A.M. class and then another class 5 hours later. What about meeting new people? Social psychology says the people who will connect with you best are those in close proximity and similarity to you. I’m talking about the people in your classes, especially sitting right next to you! If you didn’t know, Rutgers has a huge commuting student group. You can find them at the commuter lounges at Busch or even the cafeterias where all the food vendors are.
  4. Add Drop. So you probably will hear about this a lot, remember the first week of college is add-drop period. You can check out classes, see how you like it, and then decide to add or drop them even. This is all done through Webreg. I also recommend using Course Schedule Planner, Schedule of Classes sites and Rate My Professor.
  5. Books. Ok, textbooks are expensive. I really recommend you to try to find used versions or better options through Amazon, eBay, or even Facebook Rutgers groups! And sometimes you can even find PDFs of your textbooks online!
  6. Buses!! One of the things that might have pushed you not to come to Rutgers probably was the bus system. They might be hard to navigate and probably will be so crowded that you won’t get on, but it’s doable. Trust me. Download the Nextbus Rutgers App and it will tell you when the bus will be coming and even where it currently is. That app will literally be your best friend in the beginning months!

The last thing I want to talk about is meeting and talking to new people. This is hard, trust me I’m a bit of an introvert so I know. But honestly, everyone is a bit nervous to talk to someone completely new and a stranger to them. Our minds think, “Oh my gosh, what if I sound weird,” “What if he/she does not like me,” or “What if he/she does not want to even talk to me.”  STOP WITH THE WHAT IFS! Talking to someone new is a risk we CAN afford to take. And what’s the worst that can happen? The person is not interested and leaves. Who cares! There are a million more people you can try talking to next. But now I want you to think of what is possible. You can find someone who is taking the same class as you and from the same town as you. You can find someone who is also interested in a certain TV show. That “someone” can become a friend, and even one of your best friends or more. The pros outweigh the cons trust me! All it takes is 15 seconds of confidence and your life might even change!

I cannot wait to go back to Rutgers this Fall and enjoy every day I have left before I graduate in the spring. I have made some of my favorite memories here and I hope you do too! It’s gonna be a blast, trust me!!

Happy National Grilled Cheese Month

So as I was facing writer’s block (a condition where you lose the ability to write and have any new or creative ideas), I stumbled upon an interesting post while scrolling through my news feed. April is National Grilled Cheese Month!!

And if anyone knows me, I love grilled cheese sandwiches. Ever since my elementary school introduced grilled cheese sandwiches, I’ve been hooked. And from that time, I have tried to add and improve the simple grilled cheese recipe.

But before I talk about that, I have found some interesting ways to make a grilled cheese sandwich over the years. The best way of course is stove top. After buttering one side of a piece of bread, place it butter side down onto the stove with a slice of cheese on top. Immediately after, butter another side of a piece of bread and place that butter side up onto the original bread with cheese. Keep grilling until cheese has fully been melted and both sides have a nice brown color.

There are two new ways I have found to make a grilled cheese sandwich, and it eliminated washing the pan afterwards lol.

One way, take a simple bread toaster and put it on it SIDE. Yah you heard that right. On its side! Then place a piece of bread with a slice of cheese on top into the toaster. You will have to slide it in. Place the other piece of bread also in the toaster. Then, as you might guess, turn the toaster on (the slices of bread might not go in so you will have to push them in).  Within a minute or so, carefully take out your slices of bread and put it on top of each other. Simple grilled cheese sandwich.

Who knew you could use a toaster like that? Also Don’t worry most toasters won’t touch the cheese. So no mess…I hope.

The second way (that my mother has found completely ridiculous) is using aluminum foil and a clothing iron. Wrap up your sandwich into aluminum foil and then…place that iron right on top of it! The aluminum acts as a conductor and cooks up your sandwich inside. And the iron provides the heat. It actually works!

Just a side note since we are talking about grilled cheese, one of the best places I have found near Rutgers that sells these tasty treats is Cheezen on Easton Ave. Great place to get a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches and much more!

Alright so what to add in a grilled cheese sandwich? Well definitely try eating grilled cheese with tomato soup. It’s ridiculously good! Always love doing that when I hit up Panera Bread. So what can you do with a simple grilled cheese? Honestly you can put anything into a grilled cheese and it will probably taste good. I’ve tried onions, lettuce, mozzarella sticks, chicken, hot dogs, and even nutella! Even though a simple grilled cheese is great by itself, one can get real bored real fast from just eating bread and cheese. It’s important to always spice up life and find new ingredients to make something simple in something crazy awesome wonderful!

(I know someone who did this LOL…)

So go forth my friend, make a grilled cheese sandwich, try out the cooking methods I mentioned above, create new varieties and types of grilled cheese sandwiches. The world is your oyster…whatever that means lol!


Bye Bye Toys R Us

Walking down the aisles of toys and games, I am lost and confused about what to buy. But before making a decision, I spend an hour playing with the balls and Legos and other items that are open to be used. Within a couple months, I find myself buying my bicycle with awesome flames on the side and a little bell (no training wheels even!). And after another year or so, the first and only place I rush to as I enter the store is the video game section. Checking out all the new GameCube and Playstation 2 games and waiting for the kid to get off the game console so I can play!

I believe a majority of students at Rutgers right now had this experience growing up at their local Toys “R” Us. A magical kingdom where we our dreams become reality. But as we all have probably heard, last year Toys “R” Us filed for bankruptcy and will soon be closing all of its stores worldwide.

I have had so many memories of this place while growing up. Before I moved to Edison, I used to live 2 minutes away from my local Toys “R” Us. I used to go every weekend just to play and see all the cool toys available. My favorite memory was when my father used to bring my little sister who LOVED Toys “R” Us (she bought so many toys from there when we were young) and after allowing her to spend time in the store brought her back home without buying anything LOL! She used to be so disappointed haha! Good times.

But as time passed, Toys “R” Us also became history for a lot of growing kids and teens. The addiction of video games attracted more and more people to Gamestop and services like Gamefly. And the widespread use of smartphones and tablets further took away small kids from the Toys “R” Us stores. Toys “R” Us had quickly become a memory for a lot of people and even ancient for the tablet/Ipad addicted new generation.

Even though it was the biggest toy store company in the world for a long time, the fate of Toys “R” Us was almost too predictable. Why might I say that? One word. Amazon. Amazon (and other companies such as Walmart and Target) has made purchasing toys much easier and smoother. Free shipping and easy returns are much more attractive. And prices are much much more affordable. One of the big reason I myself stopped going to Toys “R” Us when I was young was because I could get the same item for cheaper somewhere else.

So will I miss Toys “R” Us? Um… Well, hearing the news about its closing will bring me back to memory lane. It will remind me of my childhood and all the memories linked to Toys “R” Us. But otherwise, to be honest, I have barely thought about it during the past 5-8. I guess as an adult, Toys “R” Us doesn’t really have any meaning to me. But that’s how history works. Things will come and go. Maybe Amazon even in the next 50-100 years will become ancient like Toys “R” Us. Who knows? The only constant thing in life is change.

Rest in Peace Toys “R” Us. 1948-2018.

This Weather Though…

In the past week, we finally welcomed warm and sunny days!! After many months of frigid cold and feet of snow, we finally were able to experience a change of things. I myself rode my bike on campus for the first time in months. Even though I love sweater weather, it felt so relaxing wearing a simple tee and shorts. Everyone around me was having a great time. Students biking, skating, running, and enjoying their warm weather clothing. Felt great for once!

But these coming months we will be experiencing New Jersey’s wonderful, topsy-turvy weird weather!! Confused?? Well let me describe a day we probably will be experiencing very soon. You have a 10am class. You step out of your house (or dorm) in your warm weather clothing and feel a shiver in your spine. Its freezing!! You go back inside, grab your big bulky jacket, and head out to class. After class, you come outside and literally feel the heat get to you. It is sooo hot and you find yourself sweating because you have your jacket on. Now you have to carry that big old thing everywhere.

Sound familiar? Super cold morning and sweating hot midday to evening is the usual New Jersey winter-spring weather. It is a problem that has no solution in my opinion. Yeah you could go back to your car or dorm and drop your coat but who has the time for real!?

LOL there is another option. One that I hate myself so much for doing. Knowing it will just be very hot later, I decide to NOT take my jacket while going to my morning class. The freezing temps of NJ mornings is just bone-shattering. Is it really worth it I ask myself when the weather gets hot? I have come to conclude that I rather would carry my jacket around in the burning heat then not have it when I most need it!!

My experience with this horrible NJ phenomenon is one that is just sad. Last year this time, I was taking bio lab. This class is a 4 hour class that either meets 8-12pm or 2-6pm. Being the early bird I am, I decided to take the morning class. Since I am a commuter, I had to leave home at around 7am (bio lab has a strict attendance policy).

So as you can tell it was literally freezing in the morning when I left, like 18-22 F. Getting to class I would be so relieved and so thankful for my big wool jacket. Four hours later…I stand in awe how DRASTICALLY the temperature can change. Now it was literally like 88 degrees!! How does the weather change so much in such little time!!

Well as you can imagine, I unload the 4 extra layers I have on myself and find myself dragging all of that in my hands to the nearest bus stop. Fortunately my car was close by so I made a quick stop and dumped all my winter gear in my car!

New Jersey is crazy and we all know that. I honestly do not know how I have survived this for two decades. Do I think about moving to Florida or California? Yeah maybe three times a day. But you gotta accept all the good and the crazies that this amazing Garden State can offer you. #ILuvNJ

MCATs and other Standardized Tests

Ask any pre-med what they believe is the hardest part in becoming a doctor. Some might say maintaining a high GPA. Others might say conducting an excellent interview. But I think the one thing that every pre-med fears the most is the MCAT!!

The MCAT, also known as the Medical College Admission Test, is a required examination for any student pursuing medical school (or related graduate schools: apparently podiatry schools also requires MCATS). It is an 8 hour exam that covers biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, psychology, and much more!!! After months of preparation, I finally took my MCAT this month and am so glad to be over with it!!

Now you might be wondering why I might be writing about an examination that only really pertains to pre-medical students. The truth is I am not really going to be talking about the MCAT particularly (also because AMCAS forbids I discuss about the content of my exam with anyone else). The MCAT is one of the many types of exams that so many students take near the end of their college careers. To name a few, students find themselves takings PCAT, DAT, GRE, LSAT, and OAT just to name a few (feel free to look up those exams and see why would one need to take them. In this blog post I wanted to talk about the general preparation and training one should take in order to successfully face these standard examinations.

  1. Reserve the time! The thing about these exams is that they require large amounts of time to study for. Since they usually contain large quantities of information tested, it is of utmost importance that you plan the upcoming months/semester so that you can maximize the time spent preparing for such exams. Personally, I decided to take a relatively lighter Fall semester so I could concentrate my time on the MCAT instead of school work. 
  2. Make some sacrifices. You are going to realize real quickly that you are going to have a little-to-none social life. That means you probably will have to skip out from parties and social events. But that’s the thing about time management. You need to rank your responsibilities and duties and figure out what requires the most of your time.
  3. Figure out a study schedule! Now while it may be simple to say that you are going to study for the MCAT for the next 3 months, it’s important to figure out how you plan to study. Now for some people, a class or lecture is the best way for them to learn. Today they are many well-known test preparation companies out there to help you. However, if you learn best by yourself, that’s also fine! But make sure to stay focused since no one will be holding you hand or pushing you forward if you self study.
  4. Find resources. Thanks to the World Wide Web (and Reddit lol), there are so many free resources just a click away. A lot of these resources have helped tons of students before and it may as well help you.
  5. Stay healthy! Studying for an important exam isn’t just study study study all day long lol! You need to keep yourself active as well. Proper nutrition also goes a long way. Studies have shown that a healthy lifestyle can play a major role in preparing for standard examinations. You have higher stamina and greater endurance for hour long sections. 
  6. Practice Practice Practice! A lot of testing companies as well as private test preparation companies have plenty of practice exams or old real exams available for you to use. Utilize these in order to keep track of how you are doing.

The moment you exit your exam realizing that you don’t have to worry about it anymore is such an amazing feeling (I am literally so relieved I don’t have to study 8 hours a day for MCATs lol). And even if it might have not went so well, there is always a chance for surprising good news when you get your results back. But worst case scenario, don’t give up if things don’t work out. If your passion for the field/profession is strong, there is always hope that you can do it!!

Snow and the Holidays!!!!

My favorite part of winter is finally here!!! And no it’s not the frigid temperatures. It’s the….SNOW!!! Ever since I was young, I love snow. I used to always go out with my family and friends and build snowmen and have snowball fights. And the best part was winter used to last longer on my front lawn because the sun was never able shine on it haha! So while the rest of my neighborhood have their grass and trees nice and dry, my house is still in that winter wonderland phase lol!

The one thing I think I really love about snow is how much it lights up the environment. Even at night, the light reflection off the snow causes your surroundings to be brighter than usual. This is perfect for this time of year especially when the days are shorter. Lol you can probably tell I am not a fan of daylight savings, especially when the day ends at only 5pm!! (seriously I enter my 4:40 pm class with lots of light outside and afterwards I come outside to nighttime. And I still have 2 more classes left for the day!! I feel going to bed now!!!)

But now that I think about it, besides brightening up the surroundings a little, another main reason I love the snow is because of the holiday season it usually brings along with it. Around this time of year (since the past 10+ years lol), you can find me watching on Freeform (or ABC Family when it used to be called that) the 25 Days of Christmas Movies Season. The two movies I think I always watch every year is Elf and How the Grinch Stole Christmas and the Polar Express.

Along with fun and festive movies, I always enjoy the amazing lights and decorations on people’s houses everywhere. New Jersey folks do a splendid job! But nothing ever beats going to NYC and seeing the wonderful lights and the tree! My friends and I went a few years ago and that was honestly one of my favorite moments with them, besides the part where I led them in the wrong direction for a couple of blocks lol (but that is another story).

I guess, even though I am going to be 21 soon, I still have that childlike self inside me. The things that bring young kids joy such as snow and festive lights and classic movies still bring the same joy and happiness to me. But, unlike when I was a kid, I guess only few differences is now I have to shovel the snow instead of playing. And don’t get me started on driving in the snow….THE WORST!! (Speaking of which, please read up on some Winter Commuter Tips blog post I wrote a couple of weeks ago).

Well, it has been a great Fall semester and I hope you have a wonderful and well-deserved winter break. Even though we get a break from school, always try to stay productive and use your time wisely. As for me, I am going to be spending 10+ hours everyday studying for the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) I will be taking next month. Wish me luck!! And finally remember to always stay safe and push your friends into snow piles when they are least expecting it lol!! See you in the new year!

Winter Commuter Tips – Safety

Here in New Jersey (and I guess most of the Northeast region), the long, cold winter months are almost upon us. And while some weather websites are predicting a warm winter (please, oh please), we commuters need to prepare for these cold and shivering car rides we are about to face. These colder months, there are many risks that we need to be careful of. So here are a few tips that have helped me over the years:

  1. Start your car 10-15 min before you leave home. There is no worse feeling than sitting in a freezing car (okay maybe there are worse; I definitely would not want to be sitting in a car that just rear ended a police car). I have found out from many winters that 10-15 min is the optimal time of starting your car and heating it up before you leave.
  2. Pack a windshield de-icer and a snow brush. These come especially in handy when after a long day’s work at school, you come to the parking lot to find your car buried in snow and ice. Yeah you can use your hands…if you want to freeze them off!!
  3. Pack jumper cables or a jump starter. While at Rutgers, we are very lucky that the RUPD can come and jump-start your car if needed. But when you are off-campus, jumper cables or a jump starter will save you in the most unexpected times!
  4. Have enough gas! I admit I am one of those people who fill up the gas when I have only 5-10 miles left till empty. But in the winter, I try to make sure I have enough gas at all times. You do not want to experience pushing your car to the gas station in freezing temperatures!!!
  5. Always wear winter/ rain clothing or keep them in your car. Again I am one of those people who step out of my house at 1pm and say “Ah today is a warm day it seems. Don’t need my heavy jacket”. And then I find myself shivering to the bone at 6pm lolol. Learn from my mistake; pack warm clothing!!                             
  6. Always have a support system. It’s never a bad idea to let family or friends know that you are leaving school or home in bad weather. If anything goes wrong and you don’t have any communication (a dead phone for example), they will know something is wrong if they don’t hear from you.

I am really hoping we don’t have a horrible winter. A few inches snow here and there and cool weather I don’t mind. That’s my favorite kind of weather. But please, no below  zero temperatures and black ice (every commuter’s worst nightmare). After checking some more weather sites, it seems we will have a warmer winter than usual. But always keep these tips in mind whether you are facing snow, rain, or cold weather. And remember always keep your safety in mind. If you think you are having a hard time driving, just pull over and relax. Tensed driving can lead to worse problems.

Managing your Life

So if you remember from my last post, I talked about how junior year is when responsibilities increase and life starts feeling more “adult” like. Well these past few weeks, all those responsibilities started to quickly and quietly pile and pile up! From exams to managing an organization to scheduling all my other extracurricular activities, I started to get real swamped with too many deadlines and things to complete. Luckily today I finally finished most of the major tasks in my calendar. But I realized a lot of things especially about time management that we need to keep in mind so we don’t go crazy.

  1. Just breathe! Sometimes when we are swamped with so many task and things, we start to spiral into a dark void. When we are in these situations, it sometimes is best to just forget about everything for a minute. Just take one moment to bring yourself to a calm state of mind. A calm mind is a productive mind. Once we are calm and at rest, we can think much more clearly about how to tackle each of our tasks and responsibilities. 
  2. Write everything down. This varies for people. Some like to use a calendar, some use a notebook, some even fill their Mac Dashboard with sticky notes! Whatever the way, just try to get your assignments and deadlines in writing. This way your mind is not busy remembering when and where your tasks and projects are due, but how and why you can and need to complete them.
  3. Prioritize. Sometimes we are going to have too many things to do or so many places we need to be at once. That type of cloning technology is not yet available for consumers yet. So we must sacrifice, compromise, and prioritize. It’s ok to skip that party if you have a essay due. You can hang with your friends anytime if it’s not today. For me for example, I decided to delay drawing up an agenda for one of my events because I had an exam to worry about. You must decide what is important and what is not. You also need to decide what is urgent and what is not.
  4. Don’t let the responsibilities pile up! AKA DON’T PROCRASTINATE! When certain tasks are spaces out nicely, it is easy for us to complete them. But if you allow them to pile and pile up, it will be much harder for you to complete all of them. Especially if you have two exams on the same day; try to start studying for them earlier. 
  5. Treat yourself! One of the best ways I have found in my life to prevent the stress from building up is to frequently let yourself relax and enjoy. Now this doesn’t mean take a break every 10 minutes haha! But if you finish one task, maybe give yourself 20-30 minutes of relaxation. Your stress level will go down and you will feel much more energized when you resume your work again.

And remember Rutgers has a bunch of resources if you are ever feeling down. RU CAPS is a great resource that you can recommend to others. And always remember you can count on your friends and family if you ever need someone to talk to. Life is only as hard as we make it.

Junior Year…A Year Where Things Start to Get Real

I can’t believe it but I am actually a junior! It seems like it was only yesterday I was attending the SASHP Summer kickoff, meeting my peer mentor, and starting to make new college friends. Being a junior in college reminds me of all the shenanigans I dealt with in junior year of high school (which now seems like an eternity ago). But now, entering my third year at Rutgers University, I have begun to realize things are going to be very different than my first two years. New responsibilities and tasks come with being an upperclassman.

One of the most important things being a junior is (in my opinion) finally choosing a major to spend the rest of college studying. Because of the SAS Core, it is easy to delay choosing a major and focusing on the Core in freshman year. Even sophomore year, it is possible to still delay your major and maybe finish up the SAS Core and the SASHP requirements. But junior year is the time that where you need to choose what you want to study and major in college, and ultimately, where you want to go in life. College is almost over and that means real life work is about to begin. Lucky for me, I knew from high school I wanted go into medicine, so I was able to focus on my pre-med requirements as well during my first two years of college. Now finally I decided after 2 years, I am going to major in Genetics!

On the same topic of the future (lol), junior year is also the time when you start thinking of after college plans. For a lot of us, it is starting a full time job somewhere in our desired field. In order to do that, it is important to use the resources that Rutgers offers and obtain valuable internship experience and work experience. A lot of companies want previous experience when they look for new employees.

Another route a lot of us take is graduate school, ranging from medical school to PA school and including master’s and PhD degrees. For those people (including me haha), we need to start studying for our respective standardized exams, including MCAT, DAT, or GRE.

Even though junior year makes you realize college is almost over, don’t forget you still have two years till it’s actually over!! Two years is plenty of time to do things you may never have the chance to do again in the future. You could decide to do a semester abroad or maybe get into any new exciting clubs you missed out in your first two years. Being a junior also has its perks. You have two years of experience to help you in case you get RU Screwed. You know all the secrets on how to get around campus, places to eat, and classes that are fun and interesting. No longer are you a freshman on campus or a “wise fool” (Greek definition of the word Sophomore haha). You are a junior and still have some time before this fun rollercoaster ride called college is over!