Three Chilies Review

The long-awaited taco truck has finally opened its doors this spring semester! I was one of the few lucky people who found out about the truck the first day it opened and here is my review of it! The first time I went to Three Chili’s, there was no line, and I got the shrimp tacos. They also serve burritos and nachos. I wasn’t sure what to expect since it was a meal swipe. I was just hoping there would be a big enough portion to keep me satisfied but boy was I pleasantly surprised! I got three tacos as well as a large side of tortillas with “guacamole,” tomatoes, and nacho cheese. I put guacamole in quotes because it’s really more pureed avocado than guacamole. The nachos on the side were very good! I was really happy with them. 

Now on to the tacos! I actually enjoyed them. However, I do have some critiques. The tortilla was kind of hard and too chewy. It wasn’t as soft as Tacoria or Chipotle. The protein tasted good! It was seasoned and the vegetables on top were very good too! I would’ve loved to see some sort of salsa on my tacos instead of an aioli of some sort. I’ve also tried the Korean Bulgogi tacos which I think taste better than the shrimp ones. However, as expected, the Bulgogi isn’t authentic. For all my vegetarian/vegan friends, they do have tacos for y’all too! 

Overall, I think this is a very good use of a meal swipe! Despite the long wait for food (especially if you go when it’s on College Ave), I recommend it!

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