A Strange Summer Night

I want to tell you all a story that happened to me this past summer. You might laugh at me, but it’s ok. I’m also laughing at myself when I look back and reflect on this event. I hope you enjoy.

I believe this was around 11 pm on a weekday sometime during July. My household members are just about to fall asleep, after watching some TV or browsing the web on their phones. I myself try not to engage in those activities at night because it prevents me from falling asleep properly (read up on blue light from digital devices and its effect on melatonin levels and sleep patterns).  I’m literally just about to fall asleep when I suddenly start hearing a loud humming. I honestly thought I was dreaming about this buzz and therefore “hearing” it. But the sound continued.

Ok so at this point I know I am not dreaming. I figure it must be the AC unit or the 10-year old fridge my family just won’t throw away. But it’s too loud. Now I’m up and awake. What in the world could this be? I get out off bed and try to listen if the noise is coming from inside the house. Nope. Ok, I figure it must be a late night motorcycle driver or something outside. I open the curtains and start looking. And that’s when I see it. I’m not sure what it is honestly (keep in mind I’m still a bit drowsy). But here’s what I see. There is an object in the sky which is making that loud buzz. It is flying in place, aka not moving. The object has circular lighted windows, like 4 or 5 of them across the entire thing. I honestly have never seen such a thing in my life. While I’m rubbing my eyes and staring outside, I realize what it is. IT IS A UFO!!!

At this point, my adrenaline is rushing and I am running frantically inside my house calling my family members. I was on the border of feeling excited and anxious honestly. I mean, who wouldn’t be?! The chance to see a real-life alien spaceship is just exhilarating, especially if you used to watch Area 51 and alien documentaries on BBC when you were young all the time. Now, all my family members are glued to the window looking outside. And that’s when my mom ruins the moment. “Saad, that’s a rescue helicopter!” Ohhh.

That makes more sense. It does look like one now that I think about it. My mom later told me after checking Facebook that there was a lost child or something in my area and hence the rescue chopper (though I’m not exactly sure what the situation really was). Within 10 minutes, the helicopter flies off and everyone goes back to sleep, only after ridiculing me for my silly thoughts.

Looking back to that night, I laugh thinking why a UFO was my first thought. I’m not saying that aliens don’t exist (that’s a whole other issue we can talk about haha), but I think I could have had a more logical and reasonable explanation for what I saw. I guess I might have thought that due to a combination of many things, including sleepiness, too much BBC and Nat Geo while growing up, and definitely watching ET (1982) over a hundred times. But for one moment honestly I can tell you all, I truly believed in extraterrestrial life that night.

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