How to Start Packing Earlier

Finals week is quickly approaching, and the last thing that I want to do after finishing all of my exams is to spend hours packing my dorm room. Instead, I would rather see my friends one last time before summer starts and finally catch up on sleep. Maybe you live in a dorm and need to clear everything out the day after finals end, or maybe you are going to live in a different house next year, or maybe you are officially done with your time at Rutgers. Either way, packing is definitely not the best way to enjoy your time post-finals, so here are some ways to start packing earlier so that after weeks of intense stress, you have one less thing to worry about.


Start By Throwing Things Out

I have so many random items I have collected from various on-campus events that I knew I would be throwing out even as I picked them up, and I have collected enough takeout menus and fliers for past events to fill an entire drawer. Your room will feel less cluttered, and it will be fun to remember the events and activities you partook in throughout the year.

Send Items Home If You Can

My parents will be visiting me at school this week, so I figured that I would send them back with items that I no longer need. The weather is (finally!) starting to look better, so I will be giving them all of my sweaters and boots. I will also give them notes for classes with noncumulative finals.


Sell Items You Will Not Be Using Anymore

The earlier you post on Facebook groups and online for-sale sites, the sooner you will find someone to buy your items so that you do not have to stress about getting rid of them last minute (and so that you can get the best deals).



Donate Your Clothes

If you have any clothes that no longer fit or that you know you will not be wearing anymore, you can donate them to the many local organizations that will readily accept them. You will have much more closet space and your clothes will be serving a much better purpose.


Good luck with finals! You got this!

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