Friday the 13th is Coming; Let’s Hope We Don’t Fail Our Exams Because of It

Be proud of me, I actually came up with this topic a week in advance. I figure since Friday the 13th was today (not while I’m writing this but theoretically you’re seeing it on Friday the 13th), let’s do some fun facts about the day, shall we? History and fun facts of Friday the 13th!

A few sources I’ve looked at seem to think that a possibility of us viewing the day as unlucky started in biblical times. The crucifixion of Jesus m i g h t  have been on  a Friday, and there were 13 people at the table for the Last Supper. And it seems that 13 has always been bad joojoo, because I guess 13 people at the dinner table was a bad omen. Jesus should’ve been one person more selective in his invite list I guess.

After that, there’s not really any historical reason for Friday the 13th to be bad luck. And considering the only historical reasoning is religious reasoning, I’m not sure it can be really credible (no offense to those who are religious of course, I just wouldn’t take an extra dinner guest to mean a whole day is ruined in modern day culture). So it seems that Friday the 13th is more of a pop culture phenomenon. In 1907, a book Friday, the Thirteenth, written by Thomas William Lawson was published, which is the first I can find after biblical days that actually mentions the day. And I couldn’t find much on the book, but it seems that it wasn’t even a scary story, because what I saw about it was just that a dude bet on superstitions regarding Friday the 13th when investing in stock, and made a bunch of money. So I would’ve thought it’d be a g o o d day in our books.

Then, the next scary mention of the day comes a few decades later, with the film Friday the 13th,  released in 1980, directed by Sean S. Cunningham and written by Victor Miller. That classic horror film with Jason and his mask just slashing people (that I’ve actually always been too scared to watch because ya boi can’t sit through horror movies to save her life). So again, everything makes it seem as though the day is unlucky just because we decided it should be. I feel like I remember sitting in elementary school classes on Friday the 13th and thinking I would fail tests or whatever I was afraid of back then. But now that I’m old and have like, things to do, I don’t even notice when the day is until like a week later when I look at a calendar and go “h u h.” So that’s kind of cool to me, that I guess the more recent generations were just like “wow this seems like a spooky day. It must, this movie and book mentioned that it was. No I didn’t actually r e a d the book, but I bet you it was a horror story. It’s called Friday, the Thirteenth for Christ’s sake!”

So, that’s about all I have. Everything you know about this day being scary is malarky. Though, in my opinion, I think the day is scary, because I’m pretty sure my mechanics professor had an exam on Friday the 13th once, and honestly that class was so horrifying. So yeah, it can be a spooky day I guess. Or is that just a concept I made in my head because of some delusion imprinted on me at a young age? WHO KNOWS???

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