This Weather Though…

In the past week, we finally welcomed warm and sunny days!! After many months of frigid cold and feet of snow, we finally were able to experience a change of things. I myself rode my bike on campus for the first time in months. Even though I love sweater weather, it felt so relaxing wearing a simple tee and shorts. Everyone around me was having a great time. Students biking, skating, running, and enjoying their warm weather clothing. Felt great for once!

But these coming months we will be experiencing New Jersey’s wonderful, topsy-turvy weird weather!! Confused?? Well let me describe a day we probably will be experiencing very soon. You have a 10am class. You step out of your house (or dorm) in your warm weather clothing and feel a shiver in your spine. Its freezing!! You go back inside, grab your big bulky jacket, and head out to class. After class, you come outside and literally feel the heat get to you. It is sooo hot and you find yourself sweating because you have your jacket on. Now you have to carry that big old thing everywhere.

Sound familiar? Super cold morning and sweating hot midday to evening is the usual New Jersey winter-spring weather. It is a problem that has no solution in my opinion. Yeah you could go back to your car or dorm and drop your coat but who has the time for real!?

LOL there is another option. One that I hate myself so much for doing. Knowing it will just be very hot later, I decide to NOT take my jacket while going to my morning class. The freezing temps of NJ mornings is just bone-shattering. Is it really worth it I ask myself when the weather gets hot? I have come to conclude that I rather would carry my jacket around in the burning heat then not have it when I most need it!!

My experience with this horrible NJ phenomenon is one that is just sad. Last year this time, I was taking bio lab. This class is a 4 hour class that either meets 8-12pm or 2-6pm. Being the early bird I am, I decided to take the morning class. Since I am a commuter, I had to leave home at around 7am (bio lab has a strict attendance policy).

So as you can tell it was literally freezing in the morning when I left, like 18-22 F. Getting to class I would be so relieved and so thankful for my big wool jacket. Four hours later…I stand in awe how DRASTICALLY the temperature can change. Now it was literally like 88 degrees!! How does the weather change so much in such little time!!

Well as you can imagine, I unload the 4 extra layers I have on myself and find myself dragging all of that in my hands to the nearest bus stop. Fortunately my car was close by so I made a quick stop and dumped all my winter gear in my car!

New Jersey is crazy and we all know that. I honestly do not know how I have survived this for two decades. Do I think about moving to Florida or California? Yeah maybe three times a day. But you gotta accept all the good and the crazies that this amazing Garden State can offer you. #ILuvNJ


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