Next semester is gonna be a blast: the zodiac signs said so…

Disclaimer: Please do NOT take this article too seriously. This is mostly a reiteration of what two extremely famous astrologists said about the significance of our zodiac signs in 2018.

A week has passed since the beginning of the new year. Are you keeping up with your new year’s resolutions? Where do you see yourself in 358 days from now?. Maybe you need an incentive of knowing that this year is planning to go really well for all of us. Perhaps knowing that your professional, academic, and personal life are going to be well balanced and prosperous in 2018, according to the zodiac signs and astrology, will in fact, motivate you to do your best to earn such results. Whether this interests you or not, I suggest you give this a read: you never know; maybe this will be your guide on how to get the most out of 2018.

So, let’s begin by going through all of the horoscopes, highlighting predictions of their fortune, successes, strengths, weaknesses, romance, and any other significances. IF you do not know what your zodiac sign is based on your date of birth, you can take a look at this link:

Beginning with Ariens, their luck in 2018 is going to be sky-high, perhaps at the same elevated levels as our special zodiac of the new year: the scorpio. Uranus, the planet of hardships and struggling, will finally leave Aries after its stay since 2011. The entrance of Uranus since 2011 also explains the political revolutions and numerous rebellions that occurred around the world since then, specifically in the Middle East. Fortuntantely, it will leave in mid may of this year.


Moving on to the Taurusians: this year will be very different for them. They will need to make different decisions from what they are used to, If they remain stubborn, they will lose the things they value in life, and will miss on many great opportunities that will not repeat often. So, they will need to be flexible with their with their decision making, accept new ideas and beliefs, and be cooperative with the multiple changes coming their way.

Next up are the people of Gemini. They are known to have a great personality that is loved by people, and that they always find a way out of any hardships they face. This year will be one of luck and money for them. All of the shallow relationships that they used to have will be gone and replaced with new, fresh, and strong ones. Lastly, they will have a lot more freedom in their decision making and will not be forced to take any actions that they are not fully comfortable with.

The cancerians; on the other hand, will have a Lot of focus on responsibilities that they have to take on. They are known to be  Detail oriented, wise, yet impatient.  Because  Saturn is infront of their horoscope, they will learn how to be very patient in 2018 . They will still want things to happen in according to their own way though, and this will cause pressure for others around them. Cancer women are gonna marry/date famous people…Congratulations?

The people of Leo will find their self identity, and get back in touch with their roots. They will also  become satisfied and comfortable with their romantic relationships and find completion and serenity with their families and get back the lost warmth in their homes. In addition those of the virgo, will have lots or romantic changes, and new turns in the fields of love and money.

The libra life will have a destruction of all of the barriers that were put up against their desires and dreams. This year, they will have lots of fortune, popularity, and an elevation of their social life.

We finally got to the scorpio: the super star horoscope of this year. This one has it all: Luck, money, good romantic relationships, great job opportunities, continuous success, and an awesome social life. we have a winner!!


Moving on to the sagittarius. its people will finally come out of their hardships which have been going on for the past three years.  They have a great deal of of money coming their way, and a little bit of stress that is short-lived. General advice is to not get too stressed out and upset easily, and to start gainingknowledge of their self- worth.  In addition, they are advised to not get involved in others problems, which will distract from managing their own.

The people of Capricorn Will work hard and gain a lot, as a result. By nature, they Don’t complain for working hard, though. However, they are Gonna work harder this year and gain more from this work, even if it is so little. In addition, they will be more responsible this year.

Next up is the Aquarius. These people will have more Freedom to make any decisions, without being negatively impacted from this. They will also be move active and are encouraged to get back lost relationships, which will result in significant success. It is also predicted that they get a raise, a new position, or even a new job.

Lastly, the people of pisces are by far the most romantically fortunate in 2018. Their relationships, in general, will be peaceful, satisfying, and successful. They will also have good money and acceptance from others, but the significance of their romantic life prevails all other aspects in 2018. event-feature-holiday-cheer

This brings us to the conclusion of going through all zodiacs. As you can see, we all have something great going on in 2018, so it looks like it will be a fantastic year for all of us, and I guess we are all about to find out next semester. But hopefully this semester turns out to be a blast. After all, the zodiac signs said so…


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