Snow and the Holidays!!!!

My favorite part of winter is finally here!!! And no it’s not the frigid temperatures. It’s the….SNOW!!! Ever since I was young, I love snow. I used to always go out with my family and friends and build snowmen and have snowball fights. And the best part was winter used to last longer on my front lawn because the sun was never able shine on it haha! So while the rest of my neighborhood have their grass and trees nice and dry, my house is still in that winter wonderland phase lol!

The one thing I think I really love about snow is how much it lights up the environment. Even at night, the light reflection off the snow causes your surroundings to be brighter than usual. This is perfect for this time of year especially when the days are shorter. Lol you can probably tell I am not a fan of daylight savings, especially when the day ends at only 5pm!! (seriously I enter my 4:40 pm class with lots of light outside and afterwards I come outside to nighttime. And I still have 2 more classes left for the day!! I feel going to bed now!!!)

But now that I think about it, besides brightening up the surroundings a little, another main reason I love the snow is because of the holiday season it usually brings along with it. Around this time of year (since the past 10+ years lol), you can find me watching on Freeform (or ABC Family when it used to be called that) the 25 Days of Christmas Movies Season. The two movies I think I always watch every year is Elf and How the Grinch Stole Christmas and the Polar Express.

Along with fun and festive movies, I always enjoy the amazing lights and decorations on people’s houses everywhere. New Jersey folks do a splendid job! But nothing ever beats going to NYC and seeing the wonderful lights and the tree! My friends and I went a few years ago and that was honestly one of my favorite moments with them, besides the part where I led them in the wrong direction for a couple of blocks lol (but that is another story).

I guess, even though I am going to be 21 soon, I still have that childlike self inside me. The things that bring young kids joy such as snow and festive lights and classic movies still bring the same joy and happiness to me. But, unlike when I was a kid, I guess only few differences is now I have to shovel the snow instead of playing. And don’t get me started on driving in the snow….THE WORST!! (Speaking of which, please read up on some Winter Commuter Tips blog post I wrote a couple of weeks ago).

Well, it has been a great Fall semester and I hope you have a wonderful and well-deserved winter break. Even though we get a break from school, always try to stay productive and use your time wisely. As for me, I am going to be spending 10+ hours everyday studying for the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) I will be taking next month. Wish me luck!! And finally remember to always stay safe and push your friends into snow piles when they are least expecting it lol!! See you in the new year!


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