5 Unconventional Things to be Thankful For

1. Fat Sandwiches

Our wonderful college cuisine is definitely a highlight of Rutgers, and while Tacoria, Stuff Yer Face, and Surf Tacos all contribute to the college experience, there is nothing quite as unique to the Rutgers experience as the fat sandwich. It is a gluttony of cheese, carbs, and sauces. It’s the sandwich where you don’t bother looking at the calories because there’s no point avoiding the truth – you’re about to gain some weight, but more importantly, you’re about to have the best food of your life.

2. The Rutgers Facebook Page

Among the poorly crafted memes, and the tears of students taking Data Structures and Organic Chemistry, there is also the magic that brings people together: losing things. If you were to lose your RUID anywhere on campus, a search by the FBI’s finest could not compete against the powers of the Rutgers Facebook page. Within minutes people will have plastered your lost ID across the Facebook walls, and all your problems – or rather one of your many – will be resolved.

3. Taco Bell Delivers

2017 may have been a rough year so far but it hasn’t been all bad, Taco Bell started delivering food this year. It just goes to show that miracles do happen. It helps for all those late night exams cramming sessions and 3AM cravings. Sometimes it helps to be thankful for the little things.

4. Being a Student

Being a college kid may be hard sometimes with upcoming deadlines, overwhelming responsibilities and never ending to do lists, but it has its perks. You may not realize this but by being a student you can get a discount on so many different things from great companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple, Spotify, and free entry to tons of museums! SO cheer up and be a little thankful that there are companies out there that understand your struggles and are willing to make your Netflix bingeing sessions a lot cheaper.

5. Cold Weather

The upcoming cold weather may make you not want to get out of bed, but there are actually many advantages to the dropping degrees. The first one being of course that winter fashion is the best. I personally love wearing knit scarfs, baggy sweaters, boots, and beanies. It’s comfortable, snuggly, yet chic. Also, colder weather means lazier people, so if you’re a coffee-holic like me that means shorter lines at the Starbucks truck, and buses don’t seem as crowded when the people around you serve as a warm barrier from the harsh winds of the outside world.

Good luck for the Semester and Remember to Stay Thankful!


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