RU struggling with choosing your classes next semester?

Many first year students are probably now not only considering what classes they want to take next semester, but also considering all of the other ones that they are about to sign up for within the next four years of undergrad as well. Although that could be a bit too much, it is quite often very normal, especially if you are an honors student.

Honors students have to figure out how many colloquiums they should take, what Honors sections/classes they want to sign up for, whether they should take interdisciplinary seminars instead, when they should start their honors thesis, and how to keep track of their SAS core requirements on top of all of that. Although that might seem a bit too much, I am about to inform you of a strategy known as the FUNNEL strategy ( I really want to believe that i came up with that on my own, but I probably didn’t) that made balancing all of my requirements feasible for me.

So, this extremely easy method is all about starting with the most important things first, then working your way down. In my case, that was placing the Honors program requirements in third place, with the SAS core requirements being in first place, my major in second place, and my minor in fourth place. This made the most sense to me because of the classes I personally have to take, but it is different for everyone. I hope you are still following!

Why am I placing the Honors program requirements in the third place? Simply because you do not know where life is going to take you a year or two from now. You might find that your major is really difficult to handle on top of the Honors program, and in that case, you might have to strategize your schedule differently, for example, by taking a class that fulfills both a major and an Honors requirement (there are so many Honors sections offered of classes!). Or you might experience some life-changing event that could delay your graduation date, so you would be better of getting all of the SAS core requirements out of the way first,right?. Of course, I am not saying to delay taking any of the Honors program sections until you are about to graduate. You should definitely take one or two honors requirement courses/sections a year…just do not overdo it.

To conclude, figure out what courses you want to take based on the order provided above, taking into consideration that amount of credits you think you can handle per semester, and the huge possibility that sections could close up very quickly so be ready for backups, and always ask for help from an Honors dean or mentor or any random upperclassman. There is always someone in RU that would love to help.

And congrats on making it half way through you freshman year…almost.



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