Overcoming my Rutgers fears

How I overcame my three biggest fears about Rutgers University:

1) Getting lost:

I had a big fear as a freshman, and still sometimes do, and that is getting lost within an extremely big crowd, or just simply getting lost…literally.

The first type of getting lost turned out to not be true at all. It is true that Rutgers has over thirty-six thousand students on campus, and that can be a source of worry; however, I found that this specific detail about Rutgers motivates even the most outgoing, social, and leading students to even become more of those traits, and the shy to step out of their comfort zone to be noticed and acknowledged for their hard work and desire to be given opportunities to succeed, which there are plenty of in RU. While that may seem so troublesome, it is the perfect training for the real world. Not everything is easy in the real world, and definitely not either in RU, but we scarlet knights manage just fine.

Getting literally lost; however, has no solution, except for just asking bugging people around you- the same exact people… every day…around the same time- to get to wherever on time. A normal person would definitely use their GPS to get around alright, but I am sure there are people out there, like me, who have no sense of directions whatsoever, right? Or is it just me? …

2) Sleep deprivation/ poor time management:  

Everyone’s advice to me the past couple of moths was to kiss my afternoon naps and nine-hour sleep shifts goodbye, because I was about to become a Rutgers student for the next 4 years of my life. Not true. If you write yourself little post it notes with a quick schedule of the things you need to study/get done each day, you would find yourself limited to finish within a certain time frame, and managing to do so successfully as well. Also, if you have a ton of things to do and sleeping in your dorm room or house is not happening any time soon, just take a two-hour nap in the library or anywhere on campus, really, and steal 10 minute mini naps on the bus here and there.

If all fails, STILL take a small nap in the middle of the day, and survive on caffeine, I guess.

3) Getting rejected:

It is ok to get said no to in the face. It really is. I actually discovered that it is kind of productive to get rejected every once in a while. This means that you are challenging yourself, and you won’t always succeed in all the challenges your face…normally. For instance, I applied for 14 positions in research labs. Only two professors replied with a reciprocated interest, and the rest flatly rejected me. Although the chances are that I won’t get any research done this year because of my predicted rejections within a week or two, I have come to strongly believe in the strength of a question or a request, simply because I managed to get an SPN for a course that is really hard to get one in, just because I was persistent in my question and resilient in my attempts. So, don’t ever give up on trying new things, even if the experiences do not always come out as desired.


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