It’s that time of the year again

If you are the type of person who likes to go through the posts of individual bloggers and search from recurring themes in their lives, then you might have noticed that I have a Thing about growing older and also the subjective nature of time. Therefore, it must be no surprise to you that I am once again writing a blog post about growing older and the subjective nature of time.
ongoing crisis

It’s probably the beginning of the year getting to me. I’m a junior, you know, which means all sorts of things such as the beginning of the end of “I’m an adult but I’m not a real adult” portion of my life. Which is terrifying to think about, let alone experience.

I know that one day I’m going to have the benefit of hindsight and I’ll be able to see that I was freaking out over nothing. Everything turned out fine and my best years were ahead of me.

But this isn’t hindsight yet. This is just plain old sight and I don’t like what I’m seeing. At least I can be comforted by the fact that I’m not the only one going through this at the moment. Every time I try bring this up to my friends they tell me to shut up. Instead of hurting my poor, delicate feelings, this comforts me. It’s one thing to freak out about the future, it’s a whole other thing to freak out about the future alone.

Besides the beginning of the year, I have another thing to blame for this acute sense of impending doom. I was cleaning my room the other day because the mess had finally become unbearable and I couldn’t walk through my room without stepping on something that may have been important once before it had met the bottom of my foot. While I was finding yet another missing sock, I had spotted my high school yearbook underneath a layer of dust.


First of all, I didn’t realize that high school was so long ago it had time to accumulate dust. I also didn’t realize that three years is long enough to forget half of the people in your graduating class existed.

I remember,though,  very clearly the teacher who had run the yearbook going on this whole spiel about how important the yearbook was and I sort of half-listened while she was doing it, but I guess enough time has passed for me to get what she was trying to say. It was kind of like holding a little bit of my history in my hands and I hadn’t realized enough time had passed for it to become history.

High school didn’t feel all that long ago, but it was. Neither did my first year of college, but enough time has passed for me to change and stay the same. How is it that the first two weeks of school can feel like they lasted three years, but three years can feel like they happened two seconds ago?

I don’t know.  

But it doesn’t matter how time feels, because time will pass whether you feel like it should or not.


this was my actual yearbook quote in case you were wondering how far back this whole time Thing goes

And now I walk forward into the great unknown (this feels like I’m referencing something, but if I am, I have no idea what it is) and I know I spent the majority of this post sounding terrified, and I am, but I’m also kind of excited. I wonder how that can be too.



5 Things You Shouldn’t Do in College

As a sophomore, I am well aware that I am not as experienced of a college student as seniors and juniors, but I think I already figured out things you should and shouldn’t do in college.

  1. The first thing you shouldn’t do is watch YouTube or Netflix all day. I think everyday has had those days where they spend all day on their bed binge-watching Netflix. I had days where I have to study and finish homework or I’ll get behind. But then I decide to take a break and then this happens.


Then I realize 6 hours has passed and I haven’t done any work. One tip can be to watch TV after you finish all your work or spend a well deserved Friday catching up on TV.


2) Next, you shouldn’t think you can finish all your math homework in one day.

Since I am a math major, this tip is specifically geared towards math majors, but it honestly applies to any field of study. With math and science specifically, I found that it can be exhausting finishing several problem sets in one day. With humanities (to be fair, I haven’t taken a lot of humanities courses), I found it was hard to finish all my reading if I started it the night before. I just didn’t absorb any of the reading and lost a night of sleep. Half the time I actually finish my work the other half I’m like this …


3) You shouldn’t overextend yourself

Yes, grades are important, but so is maintaining friends, joining clubs, working, sleeping, maintaining good mental health, etc. From my experience, I wanted to maintain all of them but it didn’t work. I ended up ruining my GPA which I still need to recover from.

Basically what I am saying is to find a balance between everything you want to do. If you are taking 20 credits, it would be a good idea to go easy on clubs and work. If you have 14 credits, then you can go out more or work more etc.

Also remember that your mental health is very important. It’s important to try to keep yourself calm and to be able to handle stress. I can’t stress this fact enough


This just perfectly captures my point

4) Also you shouldn’t not exercise

Even though this is a double negative, basically I’m saying to always exercise and try not to be lazy about this. Exercise is important to keep a smart mind, keep your body healthy, and help yourself maintain a positive image of yourself.

It’s amazing how much exercise impacts the brain and the improved academic performance that follows.


5) You shouldn’t keep junk food with you all the time.

Of course it’s okay to eat junk food every once in awhile. But it’s still important to get your fruits and vegetables in. Your body is like a car. If you fill it with proper fuel, then it will run efficiently and smoothly.

In addition, healthier food  may not taste good and may be hard to access (believe me I went to the dining halls), but it’s possible, and you will notice the difference over time.

Junior Year…A Year Where Things Start to Get Real

I can’t believe it but I am actually a junior! It seems like it was only yesterday I was attending the SASHP Summer kickoff, meeting my peer mentor, and starting to make new college friends. Being a junior in college reminds me of all the shenanigans I dealt with in junior year of high school (which now seems like an eternity ago). But now, entering my third year at Rutgers University, I have begun to realize things are going to be very different than my first two years. New responsibilities and tasks come with being an upperclassman.

One of the most important things being a junior is (in my opinion) finally choosing a major to spend the rest of college studying. Because of the SAS Core, it is easy to delay choosing a major and focusing on the Core in freshman year. Even sophomore year, it is possible to still delay your major and maybe finish up the SAS Core and the SASHP requirements. But junior year is the time that where you need to choose what you want to study and major in college, and ultimately, where you want to go in life. College is almost over and that means real life work is about to begin. Lucky for me, I knew from high school I wanted go into medicine, so I was able to focus on my pre-med requirements as well during my first two years of college. Now finally I decided after 2 years, I am going to major in Genetics!

On the same topic of the future (lol), junior year is also the time when you start thinking of after college plans. For a lot of us, it is starting a full time job somewhere in our desired field. In order to do that, it is important to use the resources that Rutgers offers and obtain valuable internship experience and work experience. A lot of companies want previous experience when they look for new employees.

Another route a lot of us take is graduate school, ranging from medical school to PA school and including master’s and PhD degrees. For those people (including me haha), we need to start studying for our respective standardized exams, including MCAT, DAT, or GRE.

Even though junior year makes you realize college is almost over, don’t forget you still have two years till it’s actually over!! Two years is plenty of time to do things you may never have the chance to do again in the future. You could decide to do a semester abroad or maybe get into any new exciting clubs you missed out in your first two years. Being a junior also has its perks. You have two years of experience to help you in case you get RU Screwed. You know all the secrets on how to get around campus, places to eat, and classes that are fun and interesting. No longer are you a freshman on campus or a “wise fool” (Greek definition of the word Sophomore haha). You are a junior and still have some time before this fun rollercoaster ride called college is over!


Fun Rutgers Things To Do This Fall!

This Friday is  finally the first day of fall! I say finally because I am excited for the changing leaves and cooler temperatures that await us! However, after a summer full of lazy beach days and outdoor activities, it can sometimes be difficult to find things to do as the weather begins to break! I’ve gathered a list of events and activities on and around campus that can fill your free time and help you get the most out of my absolute favorite season!

  1. Football games!! (and tailgates!)- What better way to enjoy the weather and celebrate Rutgers? Though our football team may not have the best record, it is still fun to cheer on the Scarlet Knights! Some of my favorite moments from my years here at Rutgers come from the Student Section of High Point Solutions Stadium! Even better than going to the game (in my opinion)? Enjoying all the food and fun that is tailgating! From burgers to mac and cheese to fruit and veggie trays, there’s something that everyone can enjoy!
  2. Scarlet Day of Service- Did you know that Scarlet Day of Service is the BIGGEST single day of community service in the entire state of New Jersey? Every fall semester, RUPA plans an incredible day of giving back to the community that so many of us as Rutgers students get to call home! Through Scarlet Day of Service, students will have the opportunity to help clean up New Brunswick, revitalize outdoor spaces, and work with youth and senior citizens, and more! Each and every person can make a difference in the community through this very special Rutgers event!
  3. Explore Rutgers Gardens! Or the Ecological Preserve!- Rutgers Gardens, located on the far side of Cook Campus, and the Ecological Preserve on Livingston are some of the best places to get outdoors as a Rutgers Student! There are many events throughout the Fall semester in the Gardens, from farmer’s markets to the Fall Festival on October 15th. It’s a beautiful place to explore and a great way to learn more about plants! The Ecological Preserve is also something I think all students should take advantage of! As the leaves begin to change, walks through the preserve will only grow more beautiful!
  4. Scarlet Harvest!- Scarlet Harvest takes places on Douglass Campus every year, and is another fun event planned by RUPA! There are a number of different events going on all afternoon, from pie eating contests to mechanical bull riding! There will also be live music and free food! This year the event will be happening on October 4th of Woodbine Lawn on Douglass!
  5. Get off campus and go hiking!!- Fall is the perfect time to get outdoors and go hiking! Though this activity is a little less accessible (you’ll need a car to get to a good spot), it’s still a lot of fun! As the leaves change the trails just get more beautiful and the dropping temperature means it’s a lot less sweaty outside! Some of the closest/best spots for hiking? Delaware Water Gap and Mt. Tammany, Buttermilk Falls, and Hacklebarney State Park, all under two hours away from campus!

3 Tips to Stay Organized

YASSSS! First week of the semester = DOWN. Okay, sooo…now what? Things seem a little crazy–new classes, new places, new faces. It’s understandable that you may be feeling in need of some organization. 

Image result for spongebob organization

YOU’RE IN LUCK….because here are 3 tips to get you started!


Feeling like your head’s about to explode from all the assignments you’re trying to remember? Before your brain goes KABOOM!, please give it a rest and actually write down all the things you have to keep in mind. Making lists is the first step in giving your mind a break. The next one is to organize (<–key word) the items in that list in an easy, eye-appealing, and effective manner, which should signal…DING, DING…planners!

Planners make it a lot easier to remember all of your homework, quizzes, exam dates, and club meetings and events–just pour all of those things from your mind to the pages of your savior. When picking out a planner, make sure it’s something you’ll like looking at. The appearance of the organizing item that you’ll use repeatedly makes a difference in how often you utilize it! If it’s something drab and boring, you might just rather feel like continuing to store assignment due dates in your mind.

And of course, if the planner doesn’t have effective organizing methods, why use it at all? When I selected my planner, I looked for the following: monthly calendars, daily calendars with enough space to jot down work, a fun and exciting interior and exterior, and yes….stickers 😉 . I was very lucky to have come across a planner from, which fulfilled all of my criteria! It’s a 17-month planner that’s incredibly useful and incredibly fun to use. I mean, it’s so creative and engaging that it has cute morale-boosters, funny suggestions on what to do for the weekends, countless empty “Notes” pages, stickers (of course), a large pocket for things you’d like to stash, eye-catching illustrations, and a whole secret code it uses throughout!

#2: Make A Schedule

We all need some form of structure in our lives. A great way to maintain that is by creating a schedule that outlines your classes, extracurricular activities, job/internship hours, homework, meals, time for yourself, and sleep. The last three are perhaps the most important parts of your schedule. When our college work hits or we’re studying for hours on end, it’s crucial that we remember to tell ourselves: I REQUIRE SUSTENANCE (Thor reference).

Image result for i require sustenance gif

Time for yourself is equally important–we all need time to relax, wind down, and enjoy, whether it be socially or individually. And of course…SLEEP. Folks, how are you going to refrain from feeling like a Walking Dead zombie if you don’t sleep at least eight hours a day? Use time management to ensure that you sleep enough, in addition to the other things on your schedule. Remember–your life isn’t set in stone. So keep your schedule flexible. Color code it, too!

#3: Plan Ahead

Planning ahead MAY stress out some students, but this can be as simple as planning out your day. It doesn’t have to be planning out your entire week. This method helps you keep track of all the things you may need to do and prevents you from forgetting something. Planning ahead can also mean aiming to finish assignments a day or two before their due dates, so that you have time to spare lest something else crops up. Don’t leave things for the last moment, including studying for exams. When you cram, you’ll tend to forget most of what you tried memorizing an hour (or less) before your exam. Pace yourself and study in chunks by planning ahead about when you’ll study what. Start with a simple To-Do List, but, uhm, have something on it to do, unlike Patrick.

Image result for patrick to do list gif

Start organizing!! 😀 

~ Tanya B.

Conspiracy Theories!

Hello! I can not believe that summer is already over. Nevertheless, before we all know it, the year will whiz past us, and we will be taking the finals in spring and it’ll be summer all over again.

This semester I have taken an Honors seminar that I think is pretty cool. It is called “Conspiracies in a Global Context.” Professor Koerber teaches the class. I have only joined the class recently, and attended only one session, and I am already in love with it! We amassed a list of enigmatic conspiracies of all time and tried to categorize them. It was so fascinating. As a result, I have prepared for you a very brief list of some of the world’s most sought after conspiracies of all times. Now, keep in mind, I am not saying these are necessarily true; this is just for pure entertainment.  Feel free to comment on any other ones you know below. Enjoy 😀 !

    1. Codex Alimentarius

The Codex Alimentarius is a guidebook developed by the World Health Organization that delineates rules and regulations concerning food labeling safety.  The conspiracy goes that this codex might just end humankind. Apparently, there are peculiar titles in their agenda, which is available to the public through a simple Google search.  Some of these titles include “Population Control Under the Guise of Consumer Protection”, and “An Introduction to Soft Kill Eugenics.”

2.  Project Blue Beam

This is apparently a conspiracy involving NASA. It goes that NASA is trying to enforce New Age religion. This religion is centered around the belief of spirituality with great emphasis on individualism. It is also heavily influenced by Eastern cultures. In addition, the conspiracy theory states that NASA is working with the AntiChrist, an opponent of Jesus Christ who is supposedly to appear when it is the end of the world, to gain control of and run the world.

3. Aurora Aircraft

Aurora was said to be a reconnaissance aircraft. Reconnaissance aircraft is designed for various intelligence purposes including spying and intercepting communication via signal intelligence. However, the US government insists that Aurora was never built or flown.

4.  Project MKULTRA

This was allegedly a secret CIA project researching the role of drugs such as LSD, MDMA (ecstasy), barbiturates, and psilocybin (mushrooms) on mind control, interrogation methods, and psychological torture. The project went on from 1953 to about 1973. Also, a man named Frank Olson, who used to work for the CIA at the time of the project, died mysteriously. His death was believed to be staged by the CIA to look like a suicide when , in fact, the CIA might have assassinated him.


ACORN stands for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. This organization aimed to tackle issues such as voter registration, affordable housing, and other economic and social issues that the poor might be facing in neighborhoods. The conspiracy theory associated with this organization goes that Obama was working with this organization and it helped Obama win the election in 2008. The conspiracy theory also states that ACORN was hiding the fact that Obama was actually born in Kenya.