Spring Bloom…More like AH-CHOOO!!

You know what’s worse than sneezing six times in a row? Sneezing six times in a row with itchy eyes!! (Actually, I lied. Sneezing six times in a row with itchy eyes while trying to drive is the worst!). While the beautiful flowers and gardens amaze most of y’all, I’m here trying not to break the world record for most sneezes.

I have had pollen allergies since I was very young. That means every spring/summer brings about the sneezing and the itchy eyes. Over the years though I have tried to figure out ways that can help me the most. Here they are:

  1. Washing your face/shower: So whenever I’m experiencing bad allergies, I always try to wash my face, especially my eyes, with cold water. This really helps to sooth your eyes and removes any pollen on your face. Also whenever I come back home from an outside activity, I try to take a quick shower to remove all the pollen that might be on my body and hair.
  2. Stay indoors: Yah I know that might be tough. Great weather and sunny days. With school over you probably want to be outside every day. But I try to stay indoors especially when pollen levels are high. The Weather Channel, AccuWeather, and other sites can provide you with daily pollen levels.
  3. Medication: There are a lot of over the counter drugs that can really help with your allergies. My advice is to either ask your doctor for a strong medication that can keep the allergies symptoms low, or try out which over the counter drug works the best for you.
  4. Goggles: While I don’t really recommend it, I have actually worn swimming goggles to keep the pollen out of my eyes. When your eyes itch like mine, you will be asking for the goggles too!!
  5. Rain Dance Rituals: During the spring and summer, rain is your best friend. It washes all that pollen away and you can finally enjoy life! Even though my rain dance rituals have not yet been successful, I still try!!

Well, I hope your allergies don’t affect your daily activities too much. Remember to stay safe while driving if you do start a sneezing marathon! Good luck on finals and enjoy the summer!


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