When You’re Bored

Who lives to breathe with no activity? AYE, AYE, CAPTAIN!

This spring break, I am Spongebob: singing “indoors” without the enthusiasm that our favorite yellow sponge has when he belts it.

Stella the Winter Storm, why did you have to ruin my plans of holding a get together/party before my birthday? That’s what I’m repeating like a mantra as I write this post, wishing very much that I were with friends right now, not that I’m not having a lot of fun writing this. 😉 But come on, I was so excited! Now I’m stuck indoors, sitting with an Abe coin, a Lays sour cream and onion chip, and a sad-looking piece of tissue paper. (Not really.)

But hey, all you people, there’s still a lot to do when you’re inside, and instead of wishing you could celebrate your birthday with your friends, you could do any or all of the following:


I’m very lucky and grateful that I have so many caring friends. My best friend, alias Krabby Patty, or Patty for short, is calling me over for a sleepover instead! She realizes my pain and empathizes with my frustration over Mother Nature. We’ve planned to bake cake, cupcakes (NUTELLA STUFFED ONES), and cookies; watch films (I’m trying to persuade her to watch Imitation Game together, even though I’ve watched it at least five times…I’ve lost count); engage in conversations (so many people now forget that that’s a source of entertainment, besides technology); and sleep (barely). The morning when we wake up will be my birthday! Patty has already caused me to cry tears of gratitude when she proposed that we make pancakes in the morning. I simply love Krabby Patty, and I can’t wait to have the evening, night, and morning of my life with her!


I actually don’t know who Pete is, sorry, but I do know that I have an avalanche load of homework. I wish I were a witch and could make my stress, homework, problems, homework, grades, and more homework disappear with a simple, Evanesco! spell, but unfortunately, I haven’t gone to Hogwarts. Yet. I am a mere Muggle who looks like the flattering picture of Squidward (above) when I finish my 20-pg single-spaced research paper at 5 a.m. (true story). THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD START all the other assignments you may have for this week, so that on the last day of break, you can just enjoy it and not worry about looking like Squidward.

Idea #3: Write!

My Creative Writing Fiction professor believes that writer’s block is a bunch of blarney. “Why isn’t there anything called a doctor’s block or a lawyer’s block?!” he said to me once. So I’m going to use being snowed in to my advantage: I’m going to start writing poetry and short stories! In a perfect world, I’d be writing a little every day, but it’s hard to make time and to manage my time effectively. But here’s a tip for you writers out there: If you’re finding it difficult to sit down and write every day, then just set out FIFTEEN minutes of your time, and start that pen/pencil/keyboard/typewriter going! Warning: Don’t be surprised if you only come up with an extravagantly decorated “THE”.

So, all of the residents of Bikini Bottom–I MEANT RUTGERS–it’s okay if you’re stuck inside seemingly with nothing to do, because there’s always something to do! Of course, there’s a lot more than the above three ideas, but hope those three get the creative juices flowing! 🙂


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