March New Book Releases!

Here are few books that just got released and you should take time to read them over break!

  1. The Night Ocean

This is a fictional story of Marina Willett’s husband named Charlie. He becomes obsessed with a famous 20th century horror writer named H.P. Lovecraft. Charlie is caught in one particular story of Lovecraft. This story is about a gay teenage fan named Robert Barlow who lives with an “old gent” for two months. No one knows whether they were just friends or something more. Charlie think he solves this puzzle but something terrible happens and Charlie disappears. The police keep saying that he committed suicide, but Marina, a psychiatrist, doesn’t believe this. This story is filled with suspense, scandals, and much more.

2. One Day We’ll All Be Dead And None Of This Will Matter

This is a nonfictional story of an author named Saachi Koul. She is the daughter of two Indian immigrant parents who move to Canada. This is a compilation of satiric and fierce short stories of her growing up in Canada. She talks about the challenges of being an “outsider.” Not only this, but she also addresses other crucial issues faced by a woman of color. These issues include gender stereotypes of Western and Indian culture and racial tensions. This is book is a mixture of jokes and serious content.

3. Strange the Dreamer

This an epic fantasy novel about how a dream chooses the dreamer. The dreamer in this case is an orphan a junior librarian named Lazlo Strange. He has always wanted to be part of a dream about a mythical, lost city of Weep. However, this dream wants someone much braver than Strange. Fortunately, an opportunity comes knocking on Strange’s door: a hero with the name Godslayer and group of warriors are after the land of Weep. Strange must uncover the mystery behind how Weep even got into this deep trouble.

4. The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit 

This is a true story of a twenty-year-old man named Christopher Knight. Knight leaves his home in Massachusetts and disappears into a forest. The shocking part is that Knight actually lives in the forest for 27 years! Knight uses his wits and courage to survive the brutal winter. Discover how he manages to arrange food, clothing, and other provisions as he struggles to keep himself alive for nearly three decades. It is a riveting story of solitude, tenacity, and self-exploration.

5. The Illusionist’s Apprentice 

You must have heard of the great magician Harry Houdini, but did you know about his one-time apprentice? It was a woman full of marvelous secrets. She was named Jenny “Wren” Lockhart. She gets entangled into the murder of Stapleton, a man defamed by Houdini for his phony and treacherous tricks. When one of Stapleton’s acts goes wrong and a man is murdered,  Wren must do the unthinkable: defend Stapleton by forming an alliance with the FBI to prove Stapleton’s innocence. If you like magic, mystery, and illusions, then this is the story for you!


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