Looking for Internships: a Mini How-to Guide

I am lucky enough to be interning at Visual Country this semester. Here’s how they describe themselves: “Visual Country is a creative production partner to global brands and the agencies that support them. Headquartered in Manhattan, we create short-form video and digital content experiences that delight and engage users across channels, devices, and platforms.” This was my dream internship, especially since I had just recently left the pre-med route and didn’t have much experience elsewhere and was interested in the creative work they did.

I’ve only been there one day, but I already know that I’m going to love it and that I’m going to learn quite a bit interning with them this semester.

This is why I wanted to put together a mini-guide for how I did it, especially for all of you SASHPers who want to get their feet wet with some hands-on experience. But first, I wanted to say this: if you don’t feel ready to start working yet, don’t berate yourself. You will have the rest of your life to work, so starting a little later with real-life experience isn’t detrimental. Be kind to yourself, bro.

I have had “find an internship” on my to-do list for at least two years, but I never felt ready enough to conquer that optional (depending on your major) part of college. It wasn’t until this year that I finally felt ready, so I looked around and applied.

However, you should also note that many of the outlets provided to you may not be available after graduating college. I’m speaking specifically about Rutgers CareerKnight.

Utilize Your Own College’s Resources Before You Look Anywhere Else

Rutgers CareerKnight was super helpful as I was applying. You can upload your resume, numerous cover letters, and extra materials. You can also add jobs and internships to your favorites to look at later, and the best part is that the deadlines are clearly listed for each opportunity. I would recommend you all poke around there, even briefly.

CareerKnight also has a student-alumni connection database, with which you can find alumni at Rutgers who are in careers that you’re interested in and ask them questions!

There’s also campus events on finding internships, applying, and interviewing! Use those resources! You’re paying for them somehow!

Google, Google, Google

I honestly just typed what I was interested in in Google search, looking specifically for companies in the beginning instead of just internships. If you type in ‘internship,’ you lower your chances of finding startups and agencies that may be looking for interns. Google carefully; the words you use to search are important. This is actually how I found my current internship.

Use Other Job/Career/Internship Websites

I also utilized Indeed.com, and I know when I’m looking for jobs after I graduate, I’ll still be using this resource. You can also add favorites and Indeed will give you possible jobs (as does CareerKnight) based on your previous searches and your resume.

There is also Inroads, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and National Society of Black Engineers. (I think I must’ve accidentally attended an engineer meet or something). There are countless others; you just have to find them.

Apply to as Many Places as Possible

Do this especially if you’re applying to really big-name companies. I didn’t apply to as many as I had on my list though, but that’s because things ended up working out where I received interview opportunities quickly after application.


I do understand that this is quite general advice, but sometimes, the general advice is what gets you started. Happy looking, and don’t beat yourself if things don’t work out. There are always, always, always opportunities somewhere on the horizon.


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