I’m Not Classy Enough for Book Recommendations, so Here’s Some TV Shows

As the title says, I don’t read all that much. I used to read all the time; in high school, when classes weren’t hard (ah, the wistful memories)– I read during math classes. I don’t know what made it stop, because I still love books and I look at them all the time and say “hey, I should read this,” but then I just don’t read them. Or if I start a book, I’ll stop reading half way through. It’s upsetting. But because I don’t read, all I’ve been doing since winter break started is watching television. So, because two of my fellow bloggers wrote some book recommendations, I’m gonna go ahead and offer TV show suggestions. Specifically cartoons, because that’s all I watch lately.

First up: South Park.


This is all I’ve been watching to be honest. This is a show inappropriate for children, but it’s ridiculously entertaining. I actually started watching it when I was like, four years old, because my parents figured I wouldn’t actually know anything that was going on in the show. I don’t know what made me start watching it again, because I hadn’t seen it for years, but I’ve just been binge watching it for the last two weeks now. Earlier seasons are just the main characters having ridiculous adventures, with no rhyme or reason as to when they do whatever adventure. However, newer seasons have an overarching plot throughout the season, which some people don’t like as much, but I personally find amazing. The season’s plot ends in the craziest way, and it’s really fun to watch it unfold. If you haven’t watched it, despite a lot of sex and racist jokes, it’s a very witty show that I wholeheartedly recommend.

On the opposite side of the cartoon world: Bob’s Burgers.


I’m adding this one because a friend really likes the show, and she got me into it as well. While I have watched significantly less of this show than I have of South Park (I really didn’t like the art style of this one, the lack of chins freaks me out, so I just didn’t watch it for the longest time), it is still very funny. While South Park is hilarious due to it’s very spot on social commentary, Bob’s Burgers is a kind of mindless funny. One specific scene that stands out is where Bob starts kissing a cow. Good times. I’d say this is a tamer Family Guy (which is another good show, a mix between funny social commentary and mindless amusement), so some people might like it for that. It’s entertaining, I’d say watch it.

And now the part of the list where stuff seems to get childish. I have two shows that I love that some people will probably say is for kids, but they’re really good shows in their own right, I promise. First, Gravity Falls.


This was on the Disney Channel, and it’s basically a mystery/supernatural story. What starts off as seemingly random episodes in the beginning of the series, escalates to “the world trying to be taken over” type of deal. It has lovable characters, more of that mindless comedy, and an interesting plot. While a kid would like the show, an older watcher can certainly appreciate the plot unfolding, and they could have fun trying to figure out the mysteries of the weird town along with the main characters. I haven’t actually finished the series yet, despite it being out for almost a year now  (I keep putting stuff off, man), but I’m very excited to see how it all ends.

Last on my list: Steven Universe.


Listen, I know this looks like a total kids show. All the main characters sing, and it’s all bright colors to grab a kids attention. I get it. My sister thinks I’m a loser for watching this show. But I love this show so much. It’s about a boy who learns to control powers that he inherited from his mother, and his mother’s friends are there to show him how to use those powers. It sounds like a simple plot, and at the start of the show it seemed like it would be cute and simple. But then things like the destruction of the Earth and war among an entire civilization became major plot elements, and it got very interesting very quickly. And despite the heavy themes of the show, it remains adorable and overall happy. It also has a lot of women empowerment in it, because most of the main cast are female leaders. There also seems to be gay themes in the show, but not the usual “hahah the flaming gay character is at it again” type of thing, but just gay characters acting naturally, as a person normally would, which I love a lot. My point is, don’t knock a show until you give it a try, it’s actually a very good show. If you liked Adventure Time (another show I love, kind of a post apocalyptic world that’s fun to try to piece together), you might like this, because the creator of Steven Universe was from the story board team of Adventure Time.

So, if you want to binge watch any cartoons, all of these shows are excellent candidates. They’re all funny in their own right, and extremely entertaining. Are there any shows you guys like to watch? I’m willing to watch any show, I can end up watching anything if it’s in front of me. Have a delightful rest of your break!


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