It’s All About the Christmas Spirit

Today is the day after Christmas. December 26.

After all the countdowns and all the advent calendars and all the anticipation, Christmas is over. This one day came and went so quickly. But is Christmas just about one day? Yes and no. From reading the SASHP Bloggers’ collaboration post, I realized that Christmas isn’t only about December 25, but about the season as a whole, and the spirit that accompanies it.

Despite finals ending so close to Christmas, the anticipation of being done with the semester and the accompanying joys of the season — such as gift shopping, baking, decorating, music, etc. —  add to what Christmas is all about.

More importantly, its the time with family that really makes Christmastime beloved. Family travels from different parts of the state, from different countries, to spend time together and catch up on the family gossip. And to also celebrate the birth of Jesus? While this may be an important, and founding part of the holiday, I think that reuniting with family is really what Christmas is all about. Even those who do not identify with the religious undertones still celebrate this time of the year as one for gathering the family together, and even exchanging gifts as a sign of love and appreciation.

But does Christmas have to occur on December 25? Sure, that’s the designated date, but I celebrated Christmas on Thursday December 22. It didn’t feel any less Christmassy, less holiday spirity, but it was as if it were actually Christmas. I was with all of the family from my mom’s side, we ate A LOT, exchanged and even opened up a couple presents.

“OMG opening presents before Christmas?!?!”

Omg yes we did, because it was Christmas for us. Because Christmas is about the joy, the love, and the family.

As we near the New Year, carry this happiness and appreciation for family and friends with you into 2017. Christmas is not just for December.


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