It’s That Wonderful Time of the Year

Did you think I meant the holidays? Or perhaps winter break? Or maybe you thought I was talking about the last minute Hunger Games-style sport of finding parking at the mall? Unfortunately, before you make it to any of those, let’s talk about that other time of the year. You know, a little week we like to call FINALS.


Oh yeah, that wonderful time of the year.


So with these next two weeks upon us, remember to get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, and break up your work so you’re not trying to tackle everything all at once. I now want to share with you how I tackle finals week, and I promise I do much more than just look up and laugh at memes all day. (Or maybe I shouldn’t make promises I can’t keep?)

image 2.jpg

Well first, I try to make sure I do not look like that meme pictured above. And to do that, I like to use Google Calendar to schedule out my exams, projects, and final papers so I can see when everything is due in a timely fashion. By having that calendar prepared, I can allocate which days I will study for what, and also block out chunks of a day for studying. So not only do I have a planned out deadline schedule, but I also make myself break down when and what I will be studying.


The next thing I do is pick my study environment. This is a personal preference; everyone has their own environment that they perform their best in. For me, I work best in places that are not completely silent, however, I do not work well with people loudly chattering around me. That is why I prefer not to go to the popular libraries on campus (such as Alex) to study as you never know what group will be situated at the table right next to you. Rather, I go to to designated “quiet space” areas such as the computer labs or go to lesser-known libraries, such as Sage Library.


The final method I have for tackling finals week is coffee. Plenty and plenty of coffee. Of course, I’m not saying you have to be a coffee-drinker to get through finals; that is entirely not true. Rather, find what energizes you and use it – whether it is listening to music while studying or rewarding yourself with a quick Facebook food recipe video after finishing a chapter. Don’t let finals make you think you have to give up the little pleasures in life; you just have to do everything in moderation. For many, getting up during a cram session to wait in line and buy coffee is a hassle – for me, it is an efficient study break. You have to get up and stretch your legs every once in a while and sometimes you have to take a break just for the sake of getting fresh air and a view that is not your textbook; so use that break to get food, to fill up your water bottle, or to send a “Kill Me” bitmoji to your group chat.


So with that, I leave you to be the awesome, motivated, bright minds you are that will do awesome on their finals. You made it this far, what’s two more weeks?


Good luck and happy holidays everyone!


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