If I Could, I Would Procrastinate My Own Death

So. I need motivation to study. I lack that motivation. I will study eventually I’m sure, like in a panicked frenzy tomorrow after wasting the entirety of today (I’m writing this on a Saturday, just so you know. I could evenly split my work. That’s not how I roll). Because I am currently lacking in necessary motivation, I am watching a lot of YouTube. I would read, but even that’s too much work and I’m procrastinating reading for entertainment; I seriously have a problem, I have at least 12 books I want to read, 10 of them lent to me by a friend, haven’t touched them once. So, I’m going to talk to you about YouTube channels I think are worth watching, and maybe aid you guys in your procrastinating endeavors.

I feel like I’m going to get yelled at by some people for admitting I watch gaming channels, but meh. Let’s be clear, I don’t think I’ll get hate for being a girl and liking video games, like no one actually cares or thinks that’s weird behavior (truth be told I don’t even play them all that much, all my consoles died, and again the lazy factor be real. I liked Dante’s Inferno, but that was the last proper video game I played and I don’t even remember how it ended or if I actually finished it). But I know people who don’t like the big gaming channels because they’re very formulaic and have a lot of subscribers for not doing all that much. I personally can’t say because I’m not them, I don’t know how much work they do in a day, but my opinion is people watch those channels for a reason, and the people in charge of those channels make a lot of money because of that, so good for them. I’d make a lot of money doing YouTube if I thought I could, you kidding me? I’m all about that money.

Anyway, I enjoy the popular gaming channels: Markiplier and Jacksepticeye are both relatively entertaining and seem like nice people. I never got into PewdiePie, but he seems nice enough and a lot of people like him, so watch him if you want. The channel that makes me laugh the most though is the GameGrumps, so if you want to laugh watch any of Arin and Danny’s videos. My favorites are the stupid games they played like “Imagine Party Babyz” and “Amazing Frog”, like I actually laughed really hard just because of their reactions to whatever complete nonsense was happening in the game.

For vlogging YouTubers (that don’t just plain vlog, but do skits sometimes), I enjoy watching Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Onision, and Shane Dawson. Yeah a lot of what they talk about is stupid, but I have my reasons for enjoying them. Dan and Phil are precious and act very natural with each other, which makes for amusing and calming entertainment. If you want suggestions, any of their baking videos are perfect. Onision can get offensive and whinny, but again he’s amusing. His “10 Things I…” videos are always pretty funny. Then Shane Dawson is just an old time favorite, as I watched him when I was younger. In my opinion all his old skit videos are funniest, so I recommend those if you are interested.

Then there’s Buzzfeed and Facts. I was up until 7am watching a disgusting amount of Facts. videos last night. When I say I have a problem, I mean it. You just get sucked into a hole when you watch those videos, man; it starts when you’re watching Buzzfeed’s ridiculous video where people are eating a $169 hot dog, and then five hour’s later you’re on Facts.’ “Irish People Watch 16 and Pregnant For The First Time”. The reactions are just so entertaining, for seemingly no reason. Whatever though, I’m not gonna judge how my mind decides to spend it’s time, it’s not like I’m in control of it anyway. Oh, wait. Uh, let’s just say I’m not in control of it, yeah that’s why I’m not studying, hahah….ha…

Now, for my favorite channel as of late: Maangchi. This is an adorable women who cooks Korean food, and she has about 1.4 million subscribers, and she’s precious and the love of my life so watch her if you want. Serious, look at her, she’s so cute:


Really all she does is cook Korean food, posts about once a week, but she’s so sweet and actually seems excited that people want to learn to cook her recipes. She has a cookbook and a blog too, if you want to learn to make her stuff but are too lazy to watch a 10 minute video (which believe me, I understand). I’ve cooked some of her stuff and it’s actually really easy to follow and usually pretty tasty (so long as I use the right ingredients instead of replacing stuff because I don’t have Korean hot pepper flakes). So, if you’re interested in cooking, watch her. There are also fun channels like How To Cake It, but you don’t really make anything she bakes, so much as stare in awe at her amazing decorating skill and aspire to one day make a decent looking regular cake because at least that’s a doable goal, unlike her masterpieces.

So, that’s what I’m doing. How are you guys procrastinating? Or are you actually studying, cause if so tell me your secrets please.

I also feel like I wasn’t as funny as I usually am in this blog because I didn’t really have opportunity for jokes, so I’m just gonna tell a joke. (Found on short-funny.com)

Me: “Do you think it’s strange that you talk to yourself?”

Me: “Nah.”


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