Yeah sure I might sound excitable, or sound like I snapped or something (I might have, physics majors are drastically close to snapping 24/7, it’s what binds us together), but I had two exams last week, one at 11 PM and the other at 8:40 AM the next day so I’m so excited for this time off you don’t understand. How am I going to spend my four day weekend? I should study. Hopefully I will. I do know for a fact that I’m going to be cooking for Thanksgiving, as cooking is super relaxing. One day I’m celebrating with my mom and then another with my dad and grandma, so I get to cook a decent amount, which should be really fun.

The one with my grandma should be rather ordinary. I want to talk about the one with my mom, because the food should be kind of interesting, and maybe I can give some of you ideas because this is a first for us and may go horribly wrong, so lets see if people can either learn from our mistakes or utilize our success.

Guess who went vegan in my family last year? My kindhearted little sister. She saw a video around this time last year with a calf separated from its mother and all I heard for a month was “BUT THE BABY COWS, BECKY!!!” While she couldn’t persuade me to be vegan, I understand her viewpoint, and to be fair I don’t necessarily need to eat meat, so our household is much more vegetarian at this point. (Fun side note, only meat we have in our house right now is some ground beef for our dog because he hurt his spine and needs to take pills with ground meet, but he’s so prissy he won’t eat it. Our dog doesn’t even like meat; it’s complete nonsense at this point, his favorite food is apples —  I’m so disappointed in him).


So, her new found veganism poses a challenge: what happens during Thanksgiving? We tried a tofurkey at one point, but they’re not good. It’s bitter and weirdly firm, just overall rather unpleasant. What my sister decided she’s going to try to do is make a seitan loaf. If you know what that is props for you because I had no clue until this vegan thing happened. It’s essentially fake meat made out of vital wheat gluten, and it’s high in protein and supposed to taste and feel like meat. However it’s so fickle that it’s ridiculous. Don’t just buy a block of seitan unless you know how to properly prepare it, which I do not, because then it just feels like a sponge when you chew it. It doesn’t have a lot of flavor on its own, so really all you have to go by is texture and either the brand I used or the way I made it was truly and wholly awful.

That doesn’t mean it’s bad though, honest. My sister actually made a delicious sandwich out of it, but she made her own seitan from scratch. It was a process, but I’m going to describe the gist of what she did so that if you ever want to try it you know how you should go about it.

The recipe was from “The Edgy Veg” (I mean I’d rethink that name personally but it’s kind of cute so meh), and it was for a Chick-Fil-A sandwich. Which was nice of The Edgy Veg because she made it so you could have a vegetarian Chick-Fil-A style sandwich without the homophobia, so good on her. Anyway, the basics of her recipe was mixing vital wheat gluten, nutritional yeast, seasonings, water, and tahini until it was an elastic dough. My sister said when she made it the dough looked and felt like a sponge so don’t be deterred. Then she covers small patties of the dough in vegetable broth and cooks that in the oven for an hour. I think that’s the necessary part, because when I used the packaged seitan I didn’t cook it for that long and, boy howdy, was it spongetastic. It was like I was chewing on a childhood memory, it was unfortunate.

The Edgy Veg goes on to bread and fry her patties so they would be like a sandwich. For Thanksgiving my sister is adding tofu into the mix and baking it without the additive of broth to resemble like, turkey maybe, I don’t know. Should be interesting. You can try it if you want, go for it, live the vegan life. It’s not the gluten free life, but it’s vegan, so… It should be interesting if nothing else, the chick-fil-A seitan cooked in broth was actually delicious, so if you want the recipe here’s the link to her blog.

Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich | Vegan recipe

What are y’all doing for the holidays? Have a happy and safe break, try a vegan recipe or try an old time family favorite, idk do you. Have fun though!


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