Hey there everyone! I hope the exams aren’t hitting you too hard! This month I thought I would write about something I have always been fascinated by throughout my life: Symbols. Sometimes, we may easily overlook symbols that are prevalent in our daily lives. Some of the symbols we use in professional settings today are derived from the ancient eras.  I have gathered a few symbols which I thought are rather interesting. I hope you learn something new, and the next time you see any of these symbols, you’ll know  what they mean and where they came from! Enjoy 🙂

  1. Caduceus

You may have seen this many times in a medical context. However, its origin is actually a symbol of the Greek god Hermes who possesses this staff with two coiled snakes. Hermes is the Greek god of merchants and tradesmen, and the messenger between the gods and the humans. To Greeks, it represents commerce, eloquence, and negotiation.  Another interesting thing is that this symbol was originally used by the US Army Medical Corps, and since then it has been used as a motif in medical settings today.

2. All Seeing Eye

This symbol has been misconstrued to mean control and surveillance by the upper class. However, this symbol actually represents spiritual insight and occult knowledge. This symbols appears on the Great Seal of the United States! Look out for it!

3. Peace Sign

This symbol has been used in countless instances and has many meanings. Did you know that the peace sign was actually created by a man named Gerald Holtom to encourage British nuclear disarmament? It is actually supposed to represent a man outstretched in despair. Do you see it?

4. Swastika

This is actually another misrepresented symbol. In Sanskrit, this symbol means good fortune and well being. However, as many of you may know, Adolf Hitler misused this symbol by making it represent hatred, which is quite the antithesis of its original meaning.

5. Yin Yang

This is a Chinese symbol which represents the balance between the dark and the light forces. In Taoism, it is commonly used to depict how two halves complete to make a whole. Everything in the universe has a complementary force to it.

6. Pentagram

This is an ancient symbol of Witchcraft. It is made of five points, and the topmost point represents the spirit of Gaia, or Mother Earth, amidst the four other points which represent fire, earth, water, and air. This symbol actually has a positive connotation: it is deemed to protect you against the evil.

7. Fleur de Lis

This is known as the Lily of France. This symbol is a modified version of the Gaulish Lily which represents the Roman Virgin Goddess  Juno. This has come to represent perfection, light, and life.

8. Trinity Knots

This is known as the Celtic Trinity Knot (or “triquetra”). It showcases faith, devotion, and the belief in God. The symbol comprises of three segments representing the Holy Trinity. Today, the Celtics use this at weddings and engagement rings. They look at it as symbolizing a lifetime of devotion for God.

I hope you enjoyed this! Good luck on your exams!


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