Words You Must Know!

Hey there fellow students! If you are a logophile (lover of words), then here are some words you ought to know. Feel free to comment your favorite word below.

I love learning new words. In fact, it’s an important skill to have a rich vocabulary. You could enhance your vocabulary many ways. Download the Dictionary.com app on your phone. I have it on mine. It sends me a “word of the day” every day. That’s 30 words you will learn a month and 365 words in a year! Another great way to learn new words is to read. Read. Read. Read some more. Whenever you get a chance, try to read at least a page or even a paragraph of a book, news article, or literature every day. When you come across words you don’t know, write them down. Try keeping a word journal of all the words you learn! It is quite fun.

Anyways, here are a list of words that are absolutely stunning, fun, and just beautiful. I challenge you all to use at least three words from this list today! Have fun.

  • Ailurophile (n): a cat lover.  Which cat is your favorite?

  • Bucolic (adj): in a lovely rural setting. What is your favorite place?

  • Conflate (v): to blend together
  • Cynosure (n): a focal point of admiration
  • Dalliance (n): a brief love affair (like the many dalliances of Barney from How I Met Your Mother?)

  • Desmesne (n): dominon, territory
  • Demure (adj): shy and reserved
  • Denouement (n): the resolution of a mystery (I wonder when  the directors of Pretty Little Liars will reveal the show’s denouement?)

  • Desuetude (n): disuse
  • Desultory (adj): slow, sluggish (I sure feel desultory on Sunday mornings!)
  • Diaphanous (adj): light, delicate, sheer (oh those diaphanous lace prom dresses are to die for!)
  • Dulcet (adj) sweet, sugary (the dulcet fall desserts? yum, yum, and yum!)

  • Ebullience (n): bubbling enthusiasm (do you have a friend who exudes ebullience?)
  • Efflorescence (n): flowering, blooming (spring is the season for efflorescence, right?)
  • Elision (n): dropping a sound or a syllable in a word (“I’m going to sleep” as an elision when saying “I’m.”)
  • Embrocation (n): a liquid used to rub on the body, such as a lotion (Oh, the many embrocations of Bath & Body lotions!)

  • Emollient (adj):  moisturizing, soothing
  • Erstwhile (adv): formerly
  • Evanescent (adj): short lasting, transient
  • Evocative (adj): suggestive
  • Felicity (adj): pleasantness
  • Fugacious (adj): fleeting
  • Halcyon (adj); happy, care-free
  • Imbrication (n): overlapping and forming a regular pattern
  • Imbue (v): to infuse, instill
  • Imbroglio (n): an altercation or complicated situation
  • Inglenook (n): a cozy nook by the hearth (a perfect inglenook for reading on a cold, autumn afternoon?)

  • Inure (adj): to become jaded
  • Lilt (v): to move musically or lively
  • Lissome (adj): slender and graceful (ballet dancers are very lissome)
  • Mellifluous (adj): sweet sounding
  • Moiety (n): one of two equal parts
  • Pastiche (n): an artistic work in a style that imitates that of another work, artist, or period

  • Propinquity (n): an inclination (Do you have a propinquity to procrastinate?)
  • Pyrrhic (adj): successful with heavy losses
  • Riparian (adj): by the bank of a stream
  • Scintilla (n): a spark or very small thing
  • Susurrous (adj): full of whispering sounds
  • Wafture (adj): wave-like
  • Chatoyant (adj): (of a gem) like a cat’s eye

I hope you learned some new words today! Try to spice up your everyday texts or in-person conversations by adding these words. Have a great day! Happy Fall! Good luck on exams!


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