Day 24: Where Are We Now?

I’ll admit that I had some pretty ambitious new semester resolutions, mostly involving an incredibly aesthetically pleasing study schedule and vague, half-formed plans to go to the gym and eat more salad.

Now I didn’t want to make this claim before the end of the first month (well, 24 days) of the semester, but we’re here now so I can conclusively say that most of those lofty, ambitious new semester resolutions that I made while I laid in bed and stared up at the ceiling at 4:00 AM (because I had wrecked my sleep schedule over the summer) Did Not Work Out.

Let’s go through the list, shall we?

  • Wake up early in the morning so I can get a good breakfast and get some work done!

You don’t really realize just how much you love sleep until it’s 7 AM, you’re staring at the sunrise, and instead of being in awe at the majesty of nature or whatever, you’re angrily and incoherently asking the sun, “How dare you?”  

  • Make an aesthetically pleasing study schedule and stick to it! You’re getting straight A’s this semester!

I can say this because we’re still only a month into this semester, but the straight A’s thing isn’t exactly out of the cards yet. The whole “sticking to the schedule” thing…not so much. The schedule is, however, visually pleasing to look at. So if anything I just made some guilt-inducing wall art.

  • Go to office hours every week!

I consider it enough of an accomplishment when my professors know my name.

  • Go to the gym every day!

Listen, I aspire to be that person who works out and goes to the gym and does yoga and treats their body like a temple. But for now, it will remain an aspiration. But I’ve been eating less ice cream and dessert lately, so I can comfort myself with that…and the free donuts my roommate brought home the other day.


  • Eat salad!

I’m sorry to anyone who likes salad, but salad tastes boring. I’m sure there’s some magical way to make salad appeal to my tastebuds, but I am unwilling to learn.

I don’t mean to sound cynical. That’s not the point here. I’m just saying that everyone has #goals. Everyone has aspirations and ideas about who they want to become and sometimes when they try to become that person, they may bite off more than they can chew. I mean, you ever hear that statistic about how more people go to the gym right after New Year’s and then as the year goes on the number of people going tapers off? It’s sort of like that.

But there’s this person you want to become and you know how to get there. Maybe you just didn’t get there as quickly as you wanted to. That doesn’t mean you should give up. I mean, here’s what I actually did accomplish in the first month of this semester:

  • I’m waking up early enough to get breakfast so I’m not a malnourished zombie during my morning classes.
  • I am doing my work and keeping up with my readings.
  • My professors know my name!
  • And okay, I’m not going to the gym and eating salad, but I’m making a conscious decision to eat better and maybe walk to LSM instead of taking the H bus.

I know this doesn’t seem like much, but I’m closer to being the person I want to be than I was a month ago and that’s really all I can ask for.

I know that maybe you woke up on the first day of the first semester and thought everything would be different. Maybe you wanted to study more and become the model student or maybe you wanted to loosen up and try new things. If you accomplished everything you set out to do this first semester, then more power to you. I’m proud of you and keep going!

But if things didn’t turn out the way you planned, then you shouldn’t be discouraged and you shouldn’t quit entirely. Things take time. You take time. I say this word a lot, mostly to justify my own procrastination, but you’ll get there – wherever there is – eventually. Just, and this sounds so saccharine and cheesy I can’t stand it, keep working and be patient.

You’ll get there eventually.





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