Say Cheese!

Hey everyone! Do you like to eat cheese? If so, you will definitely be salivating while reading this post. Before you start reading about the cheeses below, you should know that there are twelve families of cheese.

a. Fresh: unripened, young cheeses with short shelf life.

b. Swiss: slow-ripening, free of bacteria or washed rind cheeses

c. Cheddar: largest production in US and Canada

d. English: buttermilk, crumbly texture

e. Dutch: medium-ripening cheeses with natural rinds and are waxed

f. Port-Salut: medium-ripening cheese

g. Tilsit: cheese have small holes and release pungent odors while aging

h. Hard: well-aged, pressed, and very salted

i. Soft-Ripening: cheese sprayed with white mold, and as it ripens, it softens from outside in.

j. Washed Rind: cheese sprayed with white bloomy mold, are orange colored, and ripen very fast

h. Goat and Sheep: milk of these two animals mixed

Now go ahead and read below! I have compiled a  list of cheeses which I think you should taste! Happy Cheesin’…. 🙂

Baladi cheese is very common in the Middle East. It is white, soft and very creamy. It is made in Lebanon from a mixture of goat, cow, and sheep’s milk. You can eat it with crackers or spread it over bread and make a sandwich. In Arabic, this cheese is known as Jibnah Khadra or Jibnah Baladi.  To locals this cheese means “local cheese made from a flock of Baladi goats.” On the other hand, some locals also call this cheese “cheese of mountains” because it is made on top of mountains by shepherds. However, keep in mind you have only three days to devour this piece of art.


Appalachian cheese is made in Meadow Creek Dairy in Galax, Virginia. It is made from raw milk of Jersey cows. You have 60 days to eat this until it goes bad. It is semi-soft and firm. The taste might remind you of lemons, butter, and even a bit of mushroom!


Mango Rebel is a seasonal cheese. It is made in Austria. It is 100% GMO free and “allergy-friendly.” It is made from the purest hay-milk of cows. These cows are fed hay, grains, and herbs, and not any industry concentrates, so it is guaranteed to be organic! It has a tint of mango and a dash of dark chocolate for a mouth-watering collision of sweetness.


The Huntsman cheese is made in Southwest England. It is actually a combination of two cheeses: a soft yellow cheese and a blue cheese. It almost looks like a slice of cake, right? It has a crumbly, firm, and smooth texture, and it belongs to the family of blue cheeses. It has a strong sweet fragrance, but can taste spicy and tangy.


Holiday Brie is another seasonal cheese that is  available from October through December. This cheese is made from cashews and cold pressed organic coconut oil. It is made in Canada and is considered vegetarian. Artisans may even embellish its taste further by adding cranberries, lemon zest, and crushed pistachio nuts. This is a must-have for the holidays!


Il Boschetto al Tartufo (I know, what a mouthful) is a semi-soft cheese from Tuscany, Italy. It has a very creamy texture and is made from the milk of cows and sheep. This cheese is ingrained with shavings of rare white truffles. As a result,  its taste is a harmony between pungency and sweetness.


Red Windsor is a cheese that originated in England. It belongs to the cheddar family. As you can see from the picture, it has almost a pink and white marble look to it. Made from cow’s milk, it tastes very creamy and fruity.


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