Why Talk to People When you Can Listen to Music?

I could talk about the start of the new school year, because that’s like, a major event that has happened in all our lives and would be super #relatable and yada yada yada, but thinking about studying and exams is stressing me out. So, I figured I’d write about some of the new music that’s been released in recent months! Everyone listens to music; I love just watching everybody walk by on campus with earbuds or headphones on, because I’m always so interested in what music they could be listening to. The thing is, you can never ask what someone is listening to because it’s common etiquette to not disturb someone with earbuds in. So, if I can’t ask what other people are listening to, I’m just going to talk about the music I like because music is still awesome regardless.

First up, The Greatest by Sia. This song was released on September 6th, as was the video on YouTube. I actually didn’t know she released a new song until someone told me that this video was a tribute to the Orlando Shootings from earlier this summer. Whether or not people approve of the video (I personally see no harm in it, but I wouldn’t want to offend anyone, so please forgive me if this is a sensitive topic) it was a nice thing of her to do, to try to recognize the tragedy and pay tribute to the 49 victims. The song itself was well done: Sia’s voice is always beautiful, and the light percussion in the background was a nice compliment to it. 

If you’re not so into pop (as is described by her Wikipedia page, I personally don’t know what any genre of music is, what I think is metal my sister would call emo based on the name of their band. If anyone listens to Dying Fetus, just settle this argument for me, they’re metal right? My sister thinks the name of the band is too emo to be metal) then let’s talk about Metallica. Hardwired was released on August 18th, from their new album surprisingly titled… Hardwired. Now I’m usually not a big Metallica fan, because I typically want something that sounds heavier (I don’t actually know much technical in the way of music, so forgive me if I use adjectives like “heavy” to describe things) like Bloodspot or 1999 Slipknot. Not that Metallica isn’t heavy, as they play heavy metal, but I usually go for something a tad bit more aggressive. This song is actually very good though. The drums are usually my favorite part in a song, and Lars Ulrich did a great job on this song, with a nice, steady, and super fast beat, and a lot of crash cymbals. If you like fast paced metal, I’d suggest this song.  

Now the real reason I wanted to talk about music: Twenty One Pilots did a cover of My Chemical Romance’s Cancer. I know I know, call me emo trash all you want, but I love these bands. My emo phase in high school never wore out, sue me. Anyway, this cover was released on YouTube on September 14th, and I’ve been listening to it non stop. The original song was slow paced, with a sad piano part, and Gerard Way singing emotionally but still screaming every so often. Twenty One Pilots completely redid it: all the emotion but remixed. Tyler Joseph took parts of the song and repeated them, in such a soft sounding way, with breathy bits and high notes. And Josh Dun took the drumming from the original song and added a bit to it, which fit in with the slightly more modern sound of the cover. All in all very beautiful, 10/10 would recommend.

I figure I should talk about music a tad because it’s important to not study 24/7. You’ll go insane. Music is a pretty universal way to avoid insanity. So, listen to some music, maybe one of these three songs, maybe something else, have fun. The Spotify is your oyster.

Feel free to comment and let me know what music you are currently listening to!



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