Summer Adventure Series: Books, books, and books!

Well, hello there! Summer sure seemed to fly by. With college starting in less than two weeks, this will sadly be the last, “Summer Adventure Series.” Anyways, this summer I am more than happy that I got a chance to fall in love with books all over again. Regardless of what other activities I got a chance to do this summer, reading was my favorite. I am a major bookworm. I am a sucker for historical mysteries. Nonetheless, here are some books I would definitely recommend to everyone one to read.

  1. The Thirtheenth Tale

Set in England, this is a fictional historical mystery that is definitely a page turner. It is about twins and the enigmatic interactions they have with each other. The main character’s name is Margaret Lea. She is a bibliophile, often spending time in her father’s quaint bookstore. Margaret is very allured by books of dead authors. She finds comfort and pleasure in uncovering the lives and emotions of authors through the words they have left behind. Margaret’s life turns around when she discovers a dark family secret that her parents have been keeping from her for years. To add on to the turn of events, Margaret is forthwith requested to meet with a high profile author named Vida Winter. Vida Winter is known for great storytelling, especially when it comes to interviewers asking her about her personal life; no one knows anything about Ms. Winter except that she is a coveted author. In order to prepare to meet with Winter, Margaret reads Winter’s novels. One of them titled, “The Thirteen Tales” is rather intriguing because only twelve tales are in the book; the thirteenth tale seems to be missing. With great anticipation of uncovering the missing tale and learning about Winter’s personal tale itself, Margaret agrees to meet the author.

2. The Never List

If you love thrillers, then this is a perfect book for you. This novel is about two best friends, Jennifer and Sarah. After surviving a traumatic car crash, these two swear to do their best in avoiding the dangers of the world. They amass statistics of vehicle crashes, kidnappings, natural disasters, and every other possible misfortunes fathomable. Afterwards, Jennifer and Sarah create a, “Never List,” which lists the precarious situations that these two must, and I mean must, avoid in order not to fall prey to the cruelty in the world. Ironically, the most careful ones are often the ones who get stuck in the hands of danger. As you may have guessed, Jennifer and Sarah end up in pretty much that situation. It is their first year in college, and after being coaxed by Sarah, Jennifer agrees to attend a college party. What happens that night changes their lives forever. In fact, because of the events that occur that night, Sarah has to change her entire identity.


This is a beautiful love story that is literally a timeless classic. It is about a girl named Clare who meets the love of her life, Henry, at only age six! What’s even more bizarre is that Henry is a time traveler. He has no control over this phenomenon. He time-travels numerous times to Clare’s childhood, which is why Clare has practically known Henry her whole life. Their love is put to the test of time many times. After Clare and Henry marry, things become even more complex. This story truly elucidates the power of love. It is a love story like no other. What is it like to love someone so dearly, and then wait for them to return from their intermittent disappearances? Clare and Henry fight time with their love. Unfortunately, sometimes love is not enough.

I hope you enjoy reading these books! Happy reading! 🙂 Happy Summer!


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