Gov Ball 2016

With 90 degree weather and sunshine, summer is synonymous with music festivals. And last weekend, I went to my first one. Located on Randall’s Island in New York, The Governors Ball Music Festival, often referred to as Gov Ball, a multi-day festival filled with phenomenal musical guests, scrumptious food, and countless activities continued to prove itself as one of the East Coast’s best events. Since the first-ever Gov Ball in 2011 which featured a one-day lineup with only 13 musical guests, to now, in 2016, a three-day lineup with more musical acts and varieties in genres than countable, Gov Ball continues to suppress the expectations of the crowd. Just look for yourself at how much this festival has grown!

I attended on Saturday, which turned out to be a great decision, because on Sunday, dangerous weather conditions and heavy thunderstorms cancelled the entire day. Although even on Saturday,  I stood, danced, and sang through what felt like heavy rocks in liquid form pounding down on my head for hours, I found that it was absolutely worth it. Gov Ball basically turned into “Mud Ball” in the final hours, but there is nothing  like hearing your favorite band live while being 50 feet away from them, no matter the fact that you are absolutely drenched and on the verge of catching pneumonia.


Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of The Killers mesmerizing the crowd with his talent.

Besides The Killers, I got to see quite a few singers that I love throughout the day, and it was such a unique experience. With just one ticket, I got to listen to a plethora of musicians, from different genres. I think that’s what makes this experience so unique–it does not cater to just one type of musical taste or one type of person. There is someone here for everyone, and even if there isn’t, I guarantee you will hear a band or vocalist you have never heard of before and instantly fall in love with their music.

Besides the music, there is so much to do. From photo booths to mini-golf to attending artist’s autograph sessions, there is not a single second you will be bored. And my personal favorite thing to do? EAT! There were dozens of food trucks catering everything from burgers to vegan ice cream to drinks in actual coconuts.


Believe it or not, this is just a tiny portion of the park!


With that, I hope you attend a music festival this summer or add going to one to your bucket list! I had such a fun time, as did, I’m sure, the thousands of others that attended!




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