Appreciating Your Parents

With Mother’s Day coming up soon in May, I thought, “Why not dedicate this blog to my parents?” As an International student who lives an ocean away from my family, I have come to appreciate every moment I get to see them. I was elated to have my parents come and visit me here at Rutgers this week. Because I mostly see them back home in Europe, their visits here to NJ are always exciting as I finally get to show off Rutgers University. During an honorary ceremony last weekend, being able to turn around and see my parents waving to me from the audience felt great. Although we learn to grow up and become independent in university, we also learn to appreciate our parents even more.


When I moved to Rutgers three years ago, the biggest adjustment I had to make was not seeing my parents and sister everyday. After living in residence halls, we come to realize the little things that make our parents so great. As most of my peers will recognize, having to suddenly do all of your laundry and buy your groceries is no small feat. During my first  year here, I remember watching my American friends go home on the weekend with bags full of laundry and coming back stocked up on food and clean clothes. During a busy semester when we are loaded with reading and papers, having our parents there to lend us a hand is invaluable. file41675

It is is the little things that count. Although that expression has become overly cliché, it holds true. I discovered this the many times I fell sick with the flu and wished I could call up my mother to take me home and feed me with her horribly-tasting “witch broth” (a combination of ginger, honey, tea, and other anonymous ingredients). I also noticed this when I woke up on Easter morning in my first year, and did not have a chocolate egg hunt to look forward to. Every year no matter what country we lived in, my father had always made sure to hide chocolate eggs for my sister and me to find. It is little things like these that we come to appreciate the most once we arrive to college.


It is funny because the more we grow up, the more we long to be kids again. I know that my parents will allow me to be both. They will let me mature and still know when to step in and help me out. When you celebrate Mother’s Day in two weeks, make sure you recognize your parents for all the effort and love they put in everyday.


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