Chaos of Registration

It is 9:50 pm on Thursday night, ten minutes before I register. I am sitting on my computer with WebReg open and logged in on side of the screen and Course Schedule Planner open on the other side. Now, this being my third registration, I had already made five different schedules, knowing that somehow, Rutgers would find a way to leave me with 0 classes. Again. (Sidenote: I am not kidding, I actually had 0 classes one time during registration). After already having been hit with DDOS during two other registrations, having the entire network shutdown during my last registration, I was thinking while watching the clock change to 9:55 that there was no way something bad could possibly happen again. Right?  But then again, it’s Rutgers during registration… Be careful what you say.


Now it’s 9:59 so I click the clock on the bottom right hand corner of my monitor to see the exact second. The closer and closer it gets to 10 pm, the more I am like this:


Clock hits 10 pm, I hit “Register,” and the next five minutes hold an emotion so unique to Rutgers that I would never be explain it, but you all know exactly what I am talking about. My page finally refreshes, I look, and while I definitely was not at 0 credits again, I wasn’t completely happy with what was open. But the best part of Spring registration is that you have the entire summer to add/drop, so don’t panic! Breathe, relax, ask for SPNs (special permission numbers), and remember that I went from 0 credits during registration to a full courseload of everything I wanted during the add/drop period. – Fairooz Khondker

Registration is always a stressful experience; however, being abroad during scheduling presented a whole new set of problems. I am currently in the Central European time zone, which is six hours ahead of the time at Rutgers. Because registration occurs promptly at 10pm, I had to wake up at 4am to sign up for my classes. Additionally, because the course numbers for the classes I am taking while abroad are not actually on my transcript yet, I needed to apply for SPNs in order to temporarily waive many of the prerequisites that the classes I plan on taking require. Between the early hour, the spotty WiFi of my Spanish dorm, and the extra emails and paperwork I had to go through, registration was more chaotic than I ever thought it could be. (And that includes when the entire Rutgers registration system and internet crashed my freshman year…) – Madeline Padner

During my first registration, I camped out in the B.E.S.T computer lab for two hours because someone told me that I would have better luck applying for classes and get most of my classes, if not all, if I used a computer that was directly connected (by ethernet cable) to the router(?) or basically, to the Internet. I still have no idea if this is true. But I sat there, doing schoolwork, just hanging around. And I registered, and ended up getting most of my classes. But the process was nerve-wracking. With a minute left to go, this was me:


I assumed that at some point, I’d register a split-second before everyone else. I’m pretty sure I only tired myself out, to be honest.

What happened was that I didn’t get some classes and had to input number codes to get different sections. I had written those codes down in a notebook in case something like that happened. But I realized later that I really could have just gone to my Course Schedule Planner, clicked register on another schedule with those different sections, and waited for WebReg to do its thing. I guess I knew for next time.

During my second registration, I made a close friend because I realized we were both registering for the same classes. It seems like widespread panic really does cause solidarity among the population.

But my Fall registration was someone’s second-worst nightmare (after registering and ending up with 0 credits). I FORGOT TO REGISTER. I LITERALLY FORGOT. I went to sleep AT 10 pm that night. I felt like this in the morning when it hit me like a brick:


I was lucky enough that I got all of my classes, except for Organic Chemistry Lab. Waiting for that class to open up over a period of three months was a nightmare. Two out of ten; do not recommend. – Nida Saeed


One thought on “Chaos of Registration

  1. Enjoyed your comments on RU class registration.
    As an alumnus (class of ’78) I appreciated and related deeply to your experience. Some things never change 🙂

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