Hidden Tunnels ‘Round Busch Campus

So… I lied. They’re not actually hidden nor are they tunnels, but they do escape most people’s notice. And they’re perfect to use if it’s cold or raining and you really don’t want to walk outside. This pathway that I’ve managed to carve out–with the help of various others–is what I use when I really don’t want to brave anything in the wilderness that is Busch Campus (and outside). Admittedly, it’s not helpful to get you to ARC (Allison Road Classrooms, for those who don’t know what building this is), but it’ll lead you to the Hill Center bus stop, Physics Lecture Hall, and SERC (Science and Engineering Resource Center).

If you walk around Busch campus, you’ll notice that there are some connecting hallways between buildings; these are key to the pathway. Below, I’ve put together a slideshow that’ll lead you through the maze. I hope it helps!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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