Beeware: A Bee Crisis

Since the 1940’s, the number of bees in America has gone from 5 million to 2.5 million. This number is continuing to drop rapidly–it is estimated that we owe bees’ pollination for about one in three bites we take.

Scarily true.

Since 2007, 30% of bees have died in the US. Over the summers, I’ve noticed the amount of bees buzzing around drop off–where once they flocked in groups around my home, scaring me when I nervously left my house, they now are alarmingly almost absent. This cause, the bee crisis, is one close to my heart. Luckily, there are plenty of practical things you can do right at home.[1]


I love seeing the flowers bloom, and would hate to see less bloom!

Not only could you spread a little beauty in the world, but you can also provides bees with a home and food. There are plants that you can specifically plant to help out the bees. These include things like trees, wildflowers, and fruit-bearing plants. In fact, allowing your grass to grow rather than mowing it in your lawn  can provide bees with dandelions. Bees are suffering from malnutrition and this will help them greatly. My mom and I love to have flowers and trees in pots on our deck–we absolutely love seeing them bloom in the summer. If you have some kind of outside area, it’s a great idea to just put out a bee-friendly plant!

Buy Locally

Buying locally helps give business to local farmers who happen to help out local bee farmers as well. Buying homegrown food helps encourage bee health and bee diversity. Plus, you get to help out in the local community which is cool. In addition, they often avoid wide use of harmful pesticides (see below) that also harm the bees. This helps in encouraging large farms to reduce their usage as well.

Reduce Pesticides

Trying to reduce your pesticide usage would immensely help the bees. Very often, these bees are also being killed by the wide pesticide usage, which often taint the bees’ environment. With group effort, the poisonous material can be curbed, and bees can be safe again. [2]

Getting Involved

There are plenty of ways to get involved, including an easy one right here! Rutger’s PIRG has a petition to help end bee-killing pesticide usage in New Jersey. You can sign it right here, if you want to help out! In addition, there are plenty of worthwhile charities working to fix the problems. By donating or volunteering, you can really get involved in this cause!

The bee crisis has inspired artists all over the globe to spread awareness through their art.

Spreading awareness just among your friends is also a great cause. Looking around for local awareness campaigns is a great way to get involved and serve the community while also hanging out with your friends. As stated before, the PIRG is doing a bunch of petitions that you could get involved in. I’ll definitely be making more of an effort to really appreciate the bees this summer!


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