Dungeons, Dragons, and Possibilities

Despite the risk of sounding incredibly nerdy, I will say this: Dungeons & Dragons is fun. I know what images this conjures–80’s geeks around intricate maps with expensive miniatures. From an outside perspective, it seems like a really niche game–too complicated, too expensive, and overall, too nerdy to play for most people. But, as someone who thought the same for years, it’s really not at all.

What you’re probably imagining right now.

Dungeons & Dragons is what you make of it. Sure, you can invest in hardcover manuals or intricate miniatures, but it’s really not necessary. All of the resources you need can easily be found online and the biggest investment you’ll probably make is a good set of dice. What’s really needed for a D&D game is a storyteller and enthusiastic players. All the game really is, is an interactive storytelling experience, a lot like a video game or something of that nature. The “Dungeon Master” crafts a story and setting for the players, who interact and play through the story. There’s an infinitude amount of possibility here, as the only limit is the imagination of the people involved.

Way more accurate depiction of what it will look like.

I will admit that the game can be complicated. A lot of it does require some work–especially if you’re the one telling the story. But it’s not as intimidating as it seems! I’m currently running a game where only a couple people have played before and the majority are basically clueless on how to proceed. But within a few rounds, everyone managed to pick it up pretty quickly. And the plus was that they were having fun figuring out how to play as well. This game more than any is about cooperation, and when someone is confused, it only takes a few moments with everyone’s combined efforts to clear it up. I’m new to the game as well, and although I did have to do some reading, I quickly discovered that the rules weren’t nearly as complicated as I had first thought.

A small sample of the insane amount of creativity that can go into a D&D game.

As a creative person, Dungeons & Dragons really helps me exercise that side of myself in a really fun way with my friends. I can write an interesting story, draw a map, or even make tunes to accent the adventures. D&D is a great way to practice your hobbies and have your friends really interact with and appreciate them. I already like to write (I am writing for this blog after all) and creating a story for my friends is just incredibly fun. I love seeing their perspectives on the situations I create and adapting the stories to surprise me. Already, only three sessions in, we have a monster disguised as someone else in the party, a quest to find a long-lost brother, a mysterious charmed map, and a thief in the group who’s slowly stealing all the gold for himself. I am absolutely pumped to see how all of these will pan out and what kind of shenanigans the characters will get into later on.

If you’re even the slightest bit interested in playing, I’d definitely suggest grabbing a few friends and trying it out! There are millions of players (including Vin Diesel!) and the game’s been around for over four decades, so it’s definitely worth it to try it out.

Pictured: Vin Diesel’s birthday cake.


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