Eurail, an Easy and Affordable Way to Experience Europe

Have you ever wanted to go to Europe and see all the historic cities in a single trip? Maybe you have, but were turned off by the idea of the cost that would go into such a trip. Well, I am happy to say that through a vacation pass called Eurail, you will be able to travel across Europe at a relatively affordable cost.

As the name suggests, Eurail consists of travel passes that enable you to visit Europe through train rides. With open borders and facilitated movement between European nations, Eurail is an attractive way to get a comprehensive experience of Europe. The idea of traveling across Europe through train is not a new one. In fact, as teenagers, my father and his friends left the Netherlands to travel around to different countries. Many European college students like to purchase such passes to be able to go on affordable trips with their friends. When I went to visit my best friend in Poland, I purchased a similar train pass to be able to explore the country more extensively with her. Because youth hostels are found in almost every European city, you can minimize both the costs of transportation as well as overnight stays.  If you have ever watched the movie Euro Trip, you will get a sense (though not entirely accurate) of what such a trip across Europe could entail.


The Eurail deal offers three different pass options: Global Pass, Select Pass, and One Country Pass. Each pass has a different itinerary based on the number of cities you would like to visit and the price you are ready to pay. The Global Pass, for example, allows you to visit 28 different countries for a starting price of around $342. The One Country Pass, on the other hand, allows you to ride the trains in a single country of your choice. This type of pass can be useful if you are vacationing in a country that you wish to explore extensively. If you are interested in exploring the Netherlands, for example, I would recommend the Eurail Benelux pass for $149 which enables one to travel between the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The Select Pass option is also nice if you prefer visiting fewer countries but taking the time to visit each one for a longer length of time.


By purchasing a Eurail pass, you will receive benefits along with the train transportation. For one, all youth traveling between the ages of 12-25 receive a 35% discount on their Eurail pass. This special offer is for teenagers and college students (just like us!) who are looking for affordable ways to travel. Back home in both the Netherlands and Switzerland, college students receive many discounts in transportation, museums, and tours if they present their College Student ID. Thus, during your travels in Europe you should always keep an eye out for student deals. The Eurail pass also comes with discounts on Ferry routes in Europe which can facilitate your travels in a country.


College is the perfect time to go on such a trip. If you have the time and means to go to Europe this summer, I would definitely recommend that you consider the Eurail deal. With trains connecting all European cities, you can literally go wherever you choose. In fact, when my family and I still lived in Belarus, we were visited by my cousin who had purchased a Global Pass in Switzerland with some of his friends and had chosen to stop in Minsk as one of his destinations.

Eurail is an easy and affordable way for college students to create their own experience of Europe. For more information, check out the Eurail website.


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