Television has Made its Home in Me (and I’m Okay with That).

I’m super into TV shows. It took me a while to admit this because it didn’t used to be this way. I actually used to find them a waste of time (I know, I know, cue the gasping and “What‽”). I didn’t see the point of having to take out 45 minutes of your time to watch something; I didn’t like that I could never control how long it took me to complete an episode. I could read a 100,000-word novel in four hours (?) I think. If I skimmed, that time could be even shorter. But I couldn’t watch a 45 minute show in 20 minutes; it just didn’t work that way. But something changed. If you read my post called the The Hunger to Consume, you’ll understand that it’s because I found that there’s so many things to learn from other people’s interactions, and that one of those things you can learn is how to hold onto hope even through the roughest times.

Now that winter break is FINALLY here, I can catch up on all the TV shows I was unable to watch this entire semester, or rewatch them, because I was too invested in schoolwork to properly analyze them. But after spending time watching many shows over the years, I’ve collected a bunch that have really affected me.

Here’s a short list of the shows that I currently (and probably will always) love:


Now that I’ve received the entire series (only three seasons, sadly) for my birthday, I’m probably going to re-watch this show and introduce my friends to it. (I’ve been convincing them to watch it for the better part of a year). I never, ever expected that I would be so invested in this show. It was supposed to be a normal show, another FBI-type serial that I could put on in the background while I did my homework or watched just to de-stress. It was literally anything but. This show, with Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal and Hugh Dancy as Will Graham, forced me to think with every episode I watched; all the dialogue was in metaphors and it was said so effortlessly, as if the characters processed it all in the span of time it takes in snapping their fingers. And on top of that, the cinematography was a feast for the eyes (and don’t even get me started on how mouth-watering the food looked). If you’re okay with a little (a lot) of gore, food that looks so good that you’ll want to throw out everything in your fridge and pantry (but then don’t when you realize the food is made of PEOPLE), cinematography that almost makes you ashamed of ever picking up a camera, then this is the show for you. Also, spoiler alert: Hannibal is a cannibal, but, as you’ll see, a very sophisticated one.


I have a weakness for shows in which people chase after justice. And so, I have a weakness for this one. This show originates from a comic-book series from Marvel which I unfortunately haven’t read, but I probably won’t pick them up until this show ends because I don’t want spoilers. This show has only one season so far but the next is coming March 2016. It follows Matt Murdock, blind lawyer by day, vigilante by night as he brings justice, in all senses of the word, to Hell’s Kitchen, New York, with his friends, Foggy Nelsen and Karen Page. One of the many things I really enjoyed about this show was how real the fight scenes and how real the emotions were. Nothing felt over the top, and Matt Murdock’s struggles felt personal and real. Along with that, the antagonist was well fleshed-out. If you’re looking for a superhero story that doesn’t feel too grand and unreachable but real, as if it could possibly happen and actually come from the world we live in, this one’s for you.


Once you start this show and properly get into it, you will never stop. This show is one of hope in times of despair. It is the realization that, “Family don’t end with blood.” It’s a horror show, but it’s also a comedy and a drama. Coming in at 11 seasons with no signs of stopping, Supernatural is a tale of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who travel the country hunting monsters that go bump in the night. And then once you meet Castiel (and Crowley), you’ll love this show even more. It’s a show of finding yourself, learning that it’s okay to make mistakes and that you have to keep moving forward, and that sometimes rebellion (for the right reasons and done the right way) is the way to go.

There are others that I love like Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, The Walking Dead, and Orange is the New Black. (I recommend all of these, by the way!) However, there’s only about a month of winter break, and there’s only so much Netflix-ing I (and you) can do. So, off to it! And let me know if you end up loving these shows as much as I do! I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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