Some of the Best Comics on the Web

As finals are quickly approaching, the obvious best decision to make instead of preparing for them is to get into a new form of media: webcomics. I’m sure you’ve read a few before, but webcomics can be more than just your throwaway jokes. A lot of them are quite beautiful, and are an amazing way to admire really cool art along with the really cool stories that accompany them. Below, I’ve detailed a few to start with, just in time for finals season.


Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name

I’m starting off with a particularly controversial choice, only because this comic was the one to make me fall in love with webcomics in general. It’s about a paranormal investigator and the zombie who accompanies him. Its art is absolutely amazing, and has an interesting and dynamic style. The characters and stories are both hilarious and intriguing. The only problem? It was never finished and never will be. In addition, the main website has been taken down, so you’d have to go through the DeviantArt account instead, which is kind of an annoying process. But if you choose to do so, it’s very worth it. You can start reading it here.

Stand Still Stay Silent


Stand Still Stay Silent is a beautiful story that takes place about 90 years after the end of the world. These characters, born in the “new world” venture out beyond the safe area, ready to rediscover the world. The art is absolutely fantastic, and the artist, Minna Sundberg, is well known for her finished comic A Redtail’s Dream. It’s definitely worth a read, or at least an admiration for the art style. You can start reading it here.

Agents of the Realm

This is a very cute comic about five college girls who find objects that give them magical powers. A rich backstory, fun characters, and a charming art style? Sign me up. This twist on the classic magic girl story is incredibly fun and worth a read if you’re also a girl in college. You can start reading it here.

Mare Internum

A relatively new comic, Mare Internum is from the creator of The Meek, another popular webcomic. It’s about researchers based on Mars, and is super captivating and thrilling. You can start reading it here.

Strong Female Protagonist

Strong Female Protagonist is for people who love superhero stories, but want more focus on the human aspect of it. This comic follows a young ex-superhero who struggles to make a life beyond her powers, and battles questions of morality and ethics. Once again, it’s a perfect comic for college-aged students because the female protagonist is also one; she’s trying to keep up with herself in the chaos of college and being a public figure. You can start reading it here.


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