Friends-giving: College Edition

It’s that time of the year again where we find ourselves with hungry stomachs and a nagging tendency to ignore all our responsibilities. The solution for this collective predicament?  Hold a friends-giving dinner! Now that you’re all home with your wonderful families, it may be too late; however, here are some tips for next year.

A week before the event

The first step is to make a Facebook event and invite people who remind you about all the things you have to be thankful for (and the people who won’t judge you as you stuff your face with every potato dish available). Puns and the use of gifs are recommended during this time.


Next, construct a general (VERY VAGUE) plan on what to make as a host, because in reality, you’ll just end up winging it on the day of. Example: substituting turkey cold-cuts for an actual thanksgiving bird, because this is college after all.


The morning of the event

The first thing to do is to decorate the house six hours before the event, because you can’t hold in your friends-giving excitement any longer. Candles, streamers, and DIY banners are an excellent place to start. Bring in some real leaves for a real fall aesthetic.


Two hours before the event

Around this time, remember that this is a dinner and that you have to provide your guests with a real, edible dish. Your kitchen may resemble a battlefield of fallen potato skins and dirty dishes. This is necessary.

messy kitchen

The time of the event

At last, frantically check the oven to make sure your dish is done while simultaneously praying no one rings the doorbell yet because you still haven’t changed out of your stained cooking clothes. Once the first guests start to timidly trickle in and the tables are set, however, you must remember that these are some of the most wonderful people in your life and they have seen you at your best and your worst. Take a deep breath, laugh that you successfully pulled off a functional dinner, and enjoy the rest of the night with the people that matter the most.


However you choose celebrate, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  🙂







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