It’s What’s Inside that Matters

Derek Shepherd. Chuck Bass. Matt Bomer. Blake Lively. Mila Kunis. The Salvatore brothers. All of these names, real or fictional, will make you think one thing immediately: “WOW, THEY ARE HOT!” In a society where–sad to say but unfortunately true–physical appearances dominate, we are all victims of judging a book by its cover. We don’t always scroll down Instagram posts of celebrities, going, “Wow! 10/10 charitable,” but rather, fawn over their jawline. But we all know there’s more to someone than just their face or their body. We all know that what really counts is their personality, their brain, and the way they make you feel. So I guess what I’m really trying to say here is we shouldn’t just judge anything or anyone by outer appearances alone: not our neighbors, not that girl in our calculus class, and most definitely not, absolutely never, a potato.

Potatoes: brown, oblong, rough, and sometimes something a newborn baby is compared to.  1030071_com_potato

We never look at a potato and fawn over it, talking about how lovely it is, or how much joy it brings to us, or how much we appreciate it. But we should. We really should.

Potatoes are versatile, edible forms of art that Picasso would be proud of. The wonders just even one potato can do is uncanny. Let’s think about all of the forms potatoes can take, and all of the happiness they can bring.

There’s mashed potatoes:

Garlic Cheese Mashed Potatoes Gimme Some Oven_Recipes_1007x545

Baked potatoes:twice-baked-potatoes-5

Even sweet potatoes:sweet-potato-nutritional-fact-versus-regular-potato

There’s potato rings:


and tater tots:


Potato chips:

Potato chips on a white background.

and hash browns:


Potatoes are in traditional favorites such as latkes:


but then can be modernized to form bacon-potato wrapped blankets:


But my favorite form of all… Man’s greatest gift to the world (yes, this is more important than fire)… FRIES:

Curly. Cheesy. Waffled. Regular. Music to my ears.

So next time you feel  unmotivated and lazy and call yourself a potato, know you are actually complimenting yourself. You are telling yourself you are capable of being anything and capable of always making someone’s day. You are wonderful. Just like a potato.


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