Espresso Yourself


If no one has convinced you yet that coffee has numerous benefits, read up and rejoice! Many studies have been published illuminating the benefits; you only have to search for them. Here are some highlights:

It is important to remember that we will need to execute many randomized controlled trials with greater numbers of participants before anything is proven for sure. For every study that shows one conclusion, you can probably find another one that proves the opposite.

However, the studies that do exist provide enough evidence (remember: repetition and replication) for our national dietary guidelines to reflect that coffee can be included in a healthy diet. Just don’t add crazy amounts of sugar and syrup.

Now that we have established that coffee can be good for you, I would like to share my personal reasons for loving coffee.


  1. There is nothing quite like the feeling of a warm coffee cup in your hands on a cold day. Sweaters, hats, and coffee cups make me incredibly happy.
  2. When I’m sleepy and groggy coming into work in the morning, coffee wakes me up and keeps me productive!
  3. Latte art.
  4. Coffee dates. First dates, second dates, etc.
  5. Coffee shops are great for productivity. If you don’t have one around, you can simulate one in your house by using Noisli and turning up the coffee shop handle (it looks like a coffee cup). My personal favorite combination of sound handles = coffee shop, fireplace and rain.
  6. Coffee brings people together! Whether it’s coffee with my friends or coffee with my family, I always have the perfect opportunity to meet with the people I love to talk about the things that come to mind. It is the perfect study break and brainstorming opportunity.

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