It’s the Final Countdown

Countdowns are fun. Whether it’s a countdown to your birthday or even to the weekend, anticipation builds as time goes on. The built-up excitement is released when the moment you’ve been waiting for finally arrives and you can celebrate.

It’s around this time of the semester where the rest of the year passes by from one holiday to the next, and I can’t help but count down the weeks until winter break. The much-anticipated Halloweekend is over and there are two weeks until Thanksgiving break (which is sadly often forgotten in early preparation for Christmas). After Thanksgiving, there are 26 days until finals week is over, which is three days before Christmas. New Year’s rolls around, and before you know it, spring semester is about to start and we begin a new countdown to summer break.

There is still a decent amount of the semester left, but instead of crossing off the days on a calendar until my next paper is due, I want to count down the seconds until the ball drops at midnight on New Year’s Day. I want to go ice-skating and see the tree in Rockefeller Center. I find myself daydreaming about catching up on shows while snuggled in a blanket when I should be doing work. The falling temperature does not help to quell my daydreams, which fight the information learned in class for space in my thoughts. Thinking about all the scrapbooking and reading instead of writing papers helps the dull moments in between classes go by pleasantly.

Countdowns always give me something to look forward to, and they help break up the time in between events or holidays; time seems to go by faster. If I’m in a funk, I count down the days until the weekend, the next weekend, the closest holiday. Before I know it, the unpleasant time is over. The ball has dropped and landed in a greener field. Countdowns are good, because that means we are moving toward new adventures, no matter how small, and new memories. The peace, joy, or excitement that arrive at the end of the countdown makes the anticipation and patience worth it.

Unfortunately, there is a little over a month left until winter break and I need to find a way to control my daydreams so that I can focus on classes until school is officially over. Forty days seems like a long time until winter break. Hopefully the harder I wish to reach the end of the countdown the faster time will fly–-that’s how it works right?


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