Things to Do When Your Friends Visit Rutgers

After two long months of being separated from my younger sister, I finally had a free weekend to spend withher. My sister is currently a freshmen at Temple University and loves it, but was excited to experience some of the things that make Rutgers so great. Here is a list of some things we did this weekend, as well as things I’ve done when friends have visited in the past. It’s hard to show someone how awesome Rutgers is in just one weekend, but here are some suggestions for the next time your friends are visiting New Brunswick:

1. Wander the different campuses.

The fact that five different campuses make up Rutgers New Brunswick, as well as the busses that fly up and down Rt. 18, seem to be such a normal part of life for students here. However, the thought seems strange and overwhelming to non-Rutgers students. One of the first things my sister said after traveling from my dorm on College Ave to visit my cousin on Busch was that she always forgets that there is more to Rutgers than College Ave. I remember feeling a similar way before I became a student here. Show your friends the rest of Rutgers, no matter what campus you live on! Unfortunately, we never made it to Cook/Douglass this weekend, but my sister got walking tours of Busch and Livingston, in addition to our time spent on College Ave. There is no better way for a visitor to experience the sprawling collection of campuses that make up Rutgers New Brunswick.

2. Spend time outside


Despite the constant construction and proximity of the city of New Brunswick, Rutgers is a truly beautiful school, especially on a perfect October day. From the warm nostalgia I experience as the leaves in Bishop Beach change from green to brilliant shades of red and yellow, to the mirrored image of the sky in the calm surface of Passion Puddle, there is something that every visitor will appreciate here. As my sister said as we walked through Voorhees Mall on our way back from the train station: “Wow there’s so much grass here; it’s so pretty!” I became increasingly thankful for the balance Rutgers has between the city of New Brunswick and the grassy quads and mall areas around the various campuses. Show your guest some of your favorite places to spend time outside next time they are here!

3. Cheer the Knights on at a football game!


This past weekend was definitely not the best game for my sister to attend, but we still had tons of fun! There is nothing better than cheering on the Scarlet Knights, chanting the entirety of the fight song as loud as you possibly can, and paying way too much money for mediocre chicken fingers and fries. This experience is even better if your visitor has never been to a Big Ten college football game! My sister is in the marching band at Temple, so until this weekend she had never experienced a college football game as nothing more than an excited fan.

4. Try ALL the food!


The last, but not least, way to have fun with your friends when they visit Rutgers is to show them the very best food that New Brunswick has to offer. From a slice at your favorite pizza shop (mine is PJ’s, but there are so many delicious choices!), to ice cream at Thomas Sweets, you really can’t go wrong with any of the food options on Easton Ave. The most important food for visitors to try, however, is a fat sandwich. Fat sandwiches and the food trucks that create them are a defining and unique part of Rutgers. Unfortunately, my sister and I never made it to a food truck this weekend, but it’s definitely on the list for the next time she catches the train up to New Brunswick!


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