Recommended Movies to Prep for Halloween!

I find that one of the best ways to take a break and relax is to watch a movie. Here are some movie recommendations that the bloggers and I put together to help you accomplish that goal of relaxation.

1. The Ring

This is one of those classic horror movies, that if you’re a horror fan, you should definitely add to your list of movies-to-watch, if you haven’t seen it already. (Or rewatch it again to prep for Halloween!) This movie was one of my childhood favorites–I watched a lot of horror movies in my teen years–and still remains a good scary movie for me today. It’s about a journalist who has to uncover why people are dying within a week of watching a videotape, back when videotapes were still a thing. It has a few iconic scenes, and some scary pop-ups that I’ll never forget.

2. Hotel Transylvania

If you’re in a Halloween movie mood but scary movies aren’t your thing, you might want to check this one out. Count Drac opens a hotel that only serves monsters to keep his beloved daughter safe from humans. However, when he is throwing a party for his “teenage” daughter’s 118th birthday, a human boy stumbles into the hotel and falls in love with her. Count Drac is then transformed from a scary vampire into an overprotective father. This is a feel-good Halloween movie with lots of funny moments–and you can follow it with Hotel Transylvania 2. Recommended: salted hot chocolate, buttery popcorn, and your favorite fall sweater.

3. Paranorman

Entirely made by stop motion animation, Paranorman is an absolutely gorgeous off-beat movie. The story is both fun and exciting, and the visuals are absolutely amazing–made even more amazing when you find out that none of it is CGI. It follows the story of Norman, who can see ghosts as he tries to take on an old curse to save his town. It’s a very sweet movie, and is all about family and coming to understand each other. I absolutely recommend it for any occasion and with any audience.

4. The Babadook

Often times, I find a lot of American horror lacking in actual horror. This was one of the few I encountered last year that didn’t fall into that trap and was interesting to watch. In this movie, an out-of-control boy, raised by a single mother, fears a monster lurking around the house. After reading a bedtime story with the movie’s namesake, the boy and single mother find that that monster perhaps may not be just simply imagination. It had a moving plot (and a well-written one, I might add) with a surprising ending that had me Wiki it just to make sure I wasn’t missing out on anything. If you want a scary movie that requires slight thought, this movie’s for you.

5. The Conjuring

There was a lot of hype surrounding this movie when it first was released, and I found it safe to say that it wasn’t overhyped. It had a good plot, in which a family with five daughters moves into a house and begins experiencing paranormal activity. They hire paranormal investigators who help them get rid of the spirit in their house, discovering along the way what is haunting them and why. If you want something to watch with friends (that is scary) and scream with them, “DON’T OPEN THE DOOR! DON’T DO IT!” then this is the movie for you.

6. The Sixth Sense

If you’re looking for something that has more drama rather than having scary scenes, this movie is for you. This remains one of my favorite movies to this day. It’s about a boy who can speak to spirits with the help of a child psychologist. They work together to understand the boy’s gift and how to use it. At the same time, the child psychologist has his own issues to work out. I found that movie builds up very well to a poignant ending that left me satisfied.

And these are only some of the movies you can watch! There’s also the Halloweentown series (how could we ever forget those?!), Hocus Pocus, and Rotten Tomatoes’ list of Top 100 Horror Movies to check out here!


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