Exclusively Cat Lovers

“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.”― Jean Cocteau

It may seem hard to defend cat virtues when faced with the warm qualities that dogs possess: fierce loyalty, unconditional love, and endearing antics. However, although I love dogs and always will, I am a cat person at heart. I know that people are still taking some midterms (or rather, midterm season has started and won’t end until finals), so I thought I would share some pictures of the creature that is my cat. Maybe this can put a smile on some cat lover’s face!



Meet Phil, affectionately called Philly. A Scottish Fold and eight years of age, he has been endowed with an exceedingly adorable resting face of discontent. Philly does not like to make new friends, but he is fiercely loyal to his favorite owner Michail. He follows Michail around the house like a lost puppy. He does not scratch or bite, but rather prefers to suffer in silence when faced with too much love from his other owners and their friends. He enjoys long walks in the backyard, watching squirrels through the window, and taking naps in different parts of the house. The location of the nap depends on the season; he takes naps on the third floor to stay cozy in the winter, and the first floor to stay cool in the summer. At night he likes to watch TV from his designated spot on the couch with his oldest owner, Vlad.


Napping under the covers


… and over the covers

There are many silly things that Philly likes to do to keep his owners entertained. In the morning, he acts as an alarm clock when his owners forget to wake up and feed him at 7 am. He opens doors with his head and sings the song of his people so his owners absolutely cannot miss his presence and forget to wake up. He likes to take naps while lying on his back, pictured below, and he loves to sit in boxes. His favorite time of the year is the winter because he enjoys sitting under the Christmas tree and pretending that he is a present.


“Soulja boy” stance


Sitting in a Hush Puppies box



Philly has mastered a look of absolute horror, which he makes whenever I come home, because he knows that I will pet him every chance that I get. It looks something like this…


The first time Philly walked in the snow, he got scared and ran back home. Now he goes for walks sometimes with Michail. It makes for a pretty winter scene because he is camouflaged in the snow.


I love him, but he loves ham. And that’s okay with me, as long as he is content. Here’s to cats and all of the warmth and love they bring to our homes!


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