Pumpkin Picking: A Classic Autumn Activity

At two o’clock on a Friday, my cousin Sam and I made the easy 30-minute drive down to Von Thun’s Country Farm Market in Monmouth Junction, obediently following Siri’s British-accented directions.

Von Thun’s is a quaint little farm with lots to do: pumpkin picking, apple picking, corn maze, and hay-rides to name a few. It was empty since we were there at an unusual time. It’s most likely busy on the weekends when they have the activities open and running. Since it was our first time there, we weren’t sure where to go, so we wandered between the animal pens. A man saw us and pointed us in the right direction. He was driving a trunk full of pumpkins and jokingly(?) said we could take one straight from the trunk. Because we wanted a genuine pumpkin patch experience (which includes wandering among a field of pumpkins and posing for pictures among all the pumpkins — a must), we did not choose a pumpkin from the truck. Instead, we took the photo opportunity to hop on the back of the truck and awkwardly artistically lounge on the pumpkins. Thankfully, it was not a disaster; we didn’t squish any of the pumpkins and none of them fell off the back of the truck.



We walked the short distance to one of the pumpkin patches (they have two: one you can walk to and the other you can take a hay ride to). We were tempted to wander through the apple orchard which was right next to the pumpkin patch, but we remained focused on our goal to find the cutest pumpkin. After successfully completing the mission, we headed over to pay for our pumpkins, but of course, not before taking pictures with them.

There were a bunch of wagons near the patch to assist those who wished to buy large pumpkins in getting to the checkout area. Sam and I did what any normal person would do and took turns pulling each other in the wagon. With Sam and the pumpkins in the wagon, I was able to get it moving at a crazy 2.3 mph! Thank you Snapchat mph filter for this knowledge. It may not seem that fast, but when you’re dragging a person in a wagon uphill, it is pretty pathetic impressive.

Ridin Dirty

Ridin Dirty

The checkout area was organized like a little farmer’s market with vegetables, jam, and adorable mini pumpkins for sale. After we picked the perfect pumpkins for my doorstep and for Sam’s desk, we walked back to car, leaving behind the warm smell of kettle corn that floated through the air.

Their little market area

Their little market area

Von Thun’s has fruit and vegetable picking opportunities in the Spring and Summer, which I will definitely check out in the future. If you have a free weekend, spend some time in a pumpkin patch, get lost in a corn maze, or take a pleasant walk/jog around your area before it gets too cold.

If you want to learn more about Von Thun’s Farm, check it out here: http://www.vonthunfarms.com/

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